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Basic information

Latest news from Iraq

Al-Bab blog on Iraq

History, politics, geography, economy and more

Iraq: a country study
Detailed information from the US Library of Congress

CIA World Factbook - Iraq

Nationmaster: Iraq 
A compilation of facts and figures from many sources

BBC Country profile - Iraq

Iraq timeline
Chronology of key events in Iraq since 1920 (from the BBC)

Maps of Iraq 

Local time

Local weather

Currency converter 
Iraqi dinar (IQD)

Telecommunications in Iraq (Wikipedia)

National flag of Iraq

National anthem 
Audio, lyrics and sheet music (National Anthems Reference Page)

Languages of Iraq 
Ethnologue Database

Historical and political texts relating to Iraq


Constitutional background 

Draft constitution (2005). Alternative source

Interim constitution 
Signed 8 March, 2004. Full text in English

Text of previous constitution (1990)

Draft constitution 
As proposed by opposition groups, February 1999

Constitutional information 
Law Library of Congress

List of government ministers (CIA)

Rulers of Iraq

Governing Council
The temporary body established 13 July, 2003.

First post-Saddam cabinet 
Ministers appointed on 1 September, 2003

Political groups in Iraq
Parties and personalities who opposed Saddam Hussein

International Crisis Group 
Recent reports on Iraq

Human rights reports


World Bank: Iraq 
Comprehensive ecpnomic data

Iraq and the IMF

Oil, gas, and electricity
US Energy Information Administration

Water in Iraq 
Aquastat country profile


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Books from Amazon

The war we could not stop
Edited by Randeep Ramesh. "The real story of the battle for Iraq

Ancient Iraq (Penguin History)
Georges Roux. Paperback, 1993

Daily Life in Ancient Mesopotamia
Karen Rhea Nemet-Nejat. Hardcover, 1998

The Kurdish Predicament in Iraq: A Political Analysis 
Michael M. Gunter. Hardcover, 1999

The Last Quest of Gilgamesh
Ludmila Zeman (Illustrator). Paperback, 1998

Mesopotamian Mathematics, 2100-1600 BC
Eleanor Robson. Paperback, 1999  

A Nostalgic Trip into the History of the Jews of Iraq
Yusuf Rizq Allah Ghanimah, et al. Paperback, 1999

Out of the Ashes: The Resurrection of Saddam Hussein
Andrew Cockburn, Patrick Cockburn. Hardcover, 1999

Republic of Fear: The Politics of Modern Iraq
Kanan Makiya. Paperback, 1998

Science in Ancient Mesopotamia
Carol Moss. Paperback, 1999

The Shi'is of Iraq 
Yitzhak Nakash. Hardcover, 1994


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