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Iraqi media after Saddam


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Getting a bad press
The prospects for a free and independent press in Iraq may not be as good as they look (Guardian, 23 June 2003).

The media and the war 
A selection of articles and reports about media coverage of the 2003 war

Chaos in the Iraqi media 
The United States risks losing a major opportunity to forge an open media in the Middle East. By Anthony Borden in London, Institute for War and Peace Reporting, 20 June, 2003. Also in Arabic and Kurdish.

A New Voice in the Middle East 
A provisional assessment of the needs of the Iraqi media. Joint study by the Baltic Media Centre, Index on Censorship, the Institute for War & Peace Reporting and International Media Support, May-June 2003. PDF format. 

State of the press in Iraq 
Report on the difficulties that Iraqi newspapers face, by Arab Press Freedom Watch. Also available in PDF format.

Prohibited media activity 
Order issued by Paul Bremer on behalf of the Coalition Provisional Authority, 2003

The Iraqi press after Saddam

The overthrow of Saddam Hussein led to an explosion of newspaper publishing in Iraq. Click here for a list of all Iraqi newspapers and magazines that were known to be publishing in July 2003. 

Broadcasting in Iraq after Saddam

As with the press, the fall of Saddam brought a rapid increase in broadcasting activity. The list below was compiled in July 2003.

Freedom TV [al-Hurriya] 
Sponsored by PUK. Began test transmissions from Baghdad on 30 April 2003. On UHF channel 38, 1700-2200 gmt.

Iraqi Media Network 
Launched on 13 May under auspices of the Coalition Provisional Authority. Since 20 June 2003 has been broadcasting on Eutelsat W1, at 10 degrees east.

Karbala TV 
Local TV channel launched on 16 April (reported by Abu Dhabi TV, 6 May 2003). Similar small local channels are operating in Najaf and Kut (reported by Tarik Kafala of BBC News Online, June 2003).

Kirkuk TV 
Started broadcasts on 23 April 2003 "under the supervision of the coalition forces" (report by KDP newspaper Brayati, 25 April 2003).

Kurdistan TV 
KDP station broadcasting to Kirkuk and Mosul.

The PUK station has expanded its broadcasts to Kirkuk and Khanaqin

Mosul TV 
Reportedly the first station to resume transmission in Iraq after the fall of Saddam Hussein (report by Al-Arabiyya TV, 10 May, 2003).

al-Thaqalayn TV 
Affiliated to an Iranian cultural institute. Broadcasts religious programmes targeted at viewers in Iraq (report by Tehran Times, 14 July, 2003).

Twin Rivers TV 
Digital channel broadcasting to Iraq on Eutelsat W1, at 10 degrees east.

Turkomaneli TV 
Launched in Kirkuk, April 2003. Broadcasts on behalf of the Iraqi Turkoman Front.

Vision of Resistance TV [Sima-ye Moqavemat] 
Run by the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organisation (MKO), this was previously relayed by Iraqi government TV but is now thought to be off the air.

TV band in Baghdad (sound frequencies in MHz )

Information from BBC Monitoring, July 2003


194.75 - Pro-coalition Media Network Television 
222.75 - Unidentified Persian broadcast (possibly Al-Alam TV)


484.75 - Pro-coalition Media Network Television 
508.75 - Iranian Television First Channel 
532.75 - Iranian Television Regional Service 
604.75 - Pro-coalition Media Network Television 
644.75 - Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Radio (in parallel with radio transmission on 4025 kHz)

Ashur Radio 
Launched in April 2000 by the Assyrian Democratic Movement. Broadcasts in Assyrian and Arabic on shortwave, reportedly from a transmitter in Azerbaijan.

Dangi Komal-Kirkuk 
Broadcasts on 1341 kHz in Kurdish, Arabic and Turkish to Kirkuk on behalf of the Kurdistan Islamic Group.

Iraqi Media Network, Voice of New Iraq 
US-run. Has also identified itself as Republic of Iraq Radio from Baghdad and Voice of Free Iraq. Broadcasts on 98.3 MHz FM in Baghdad. Has also been heard on 1026 kHz as "Iraqi Media Network, Radio Baghdad". Satellite relay on Hot Bird, 13 degrees east, 11137 MHz, horizontal polarization.

al-Mustaqbal Radio 
Operated by the Iraqi National Accord.

Radio Azadi 
Voice of the Communist Party of Iraqi Kurdistan

Radio Bopeshawa, Illa al-Amam Radio 
The Worker-Communist Party of Iraq's station. The party website (www.wpiraq.org) says it broadcasts for one hour a day on shortwave from 1100 gmt (half an hour in Arabic and half an hour in Kurdish), to Arbil, Kirkuk and Mosul, with a repeat at 0500-0600 gmt the next day.

Radio Nahrain (Twin Rivers Radio) 
Broadcasting since March 2003 on 100.4 and 94.6 MHz from a transmitter south of Basra. Operated by British forces, but was due to be taken over by the Coalition Provisional Authority.

Turkomaneli Radio  
Opened radio stations in Talla'far and Mosul in May 2003 (report by Turkomaneli newspaper, 11 May 2003).

Voice of Freedom, Voice of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan 
PUK station in Arabic and Kurdish. Daily, 1000-1900 gmt on 95.0 MHz.

Voice of the People of Kurdistan 
PUK station

Voice of Iraqi Kurdistan 
KDP station

Voice of the Iraqi People  
Voice of the Iraqi Communist Party, broadcasting from northern Iraq, possibly using Kurdish facilities.

Voice of the Mojahed 
Station of the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization, thought to have had studio in Baghdad before the fall of Saddam. After a short break in April, resumed transmissions via Telstar 12 at 15 degrees west. Website: www.iran.mojahedin.org


Information from BBC Monitoring, July 2003


89.0 - BBC World Service in Arabic
89.9 - Iranian Payam network in Persian
90.1 - Iranian Voice of the Mujahidin in Arabic
92.3 - Continuous US pop music
93.0 - Iranian Javan (Youth) network in Persian
93.5 - Radio Monte Carlo-Middle East
95.0 - Voice of Freedom from Baghdad in Arabic (operated by the PUK)
97.4 - Continuous US pop music (as 92.3)
97.7 - Continuous US pop music (as 92.3)
98.1 - BBC World Service in English
98.3 - Iraqi Media Network, Radio Baghdad in Arabic
100.4 - US Radio Sawa in Arabic
107.4 - Continuous US pop music (as 92.3)


531 - (Iranian) IRIB Radio Sarasarye network in Persian
540 - Radio Kuwait Main Programme in Arabic
558 - IRIB Radio Farhang network in Persian
576 - IRIB Arabic Service
585 - (Saudi) BSKSA General Programme in Arabic
612 - IRIB Arabic Service
630 - Radio Kuwait Koran Programme in Arabic
657 - Unidentified station in Arabic and Kurdish
666 - IRIB Radio Sarasarye network in Persian
693 - Information Radio in Arabic
711 - IRIB Ahwaz regional in Arabic
720 - Voice of the Mujahidin in Arabic
729 - Abu Dhabi radio, UAE
756 - Iraqi Media Network in Arabic
783 - BSKSA 2nd Programme in Arabic
819 - Syrian Arab Republic Radio Main Programme in Arabic
864 - Radio Nejat in Persian
900 - IRIB Radio Sarasarye network in Persian
936 - BSKSA Koran Programme in Arabic
954 - Radio Qatar in Arabic
972 - IRIB Radio Sarasarye network in Persian
1026 - Iraqi Media Network, Radio Baghdad in Arabic
1134 - Radio Kuwait Main Programme in Arabic
1161 - IRIB Arabic Service
1170 - (US-run) Radio Farda in Persian
1206 - Voice of Israel in Arabic
1224 - IRIB Arabic Service
1233 - Radio Monte Carlo Middle East in Arabic
1251 - IRIB Radio Sarasarye network in Persian
1269 - Radio Kuwait Modern Arabic Music Service
1296 - Voice of Azerbaijan in Azeri - Radio Liberty relay
1314 - (US-run) Radio Free Iraq via Abu Dhabi
1341 - Radio Kuwait 2nd Programme in Arabic
1350 - Turkish-English Christian broadcast
1395 - Voice of Armenia in Armenian
1440 - BSKSA General Programme in Arabic
1449 - IRIB World Service in Russian
1467 - BSKSA General Programme in Arabic
1476 - Emirates Radio, UAE, in Arabic
1485 - IRIB Radio Sarasarye network in Persian
1503 - IRIB Radio Sarasarye network in Persian
1521 - IRIB Radio Farhang network in Persian
1539 - (US-run) Radio Farda in Persian
1548 - (US-run) Radio Sawa in Arabic
1566 - Radio of the Land of the Two Rivers in Arabic
1575 - Radio Al-Mustaqbal
1575 - Radio Asia, UAE, in Urdu
1593 - (US-run) Radio Farda in Persian


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