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Country briefing: Jordan


News reports and articles

Latest news from Jordan

Blog posts about Jordan by Brian Whitaker

Online news sources for Jordan

Basic information

Wikipedia: Jordan  
History, politics, geography, economy and more

Jordan: a country study
Detailed information from the US Library of Congress

CIA World Factbook - Jordan

BBC country profile - Jordan

Maps of Jordan

Local time

Local weather

Currency converter 
Jordanian dinar (JOD)

National flag of Jordan

National anthem 
Audio, lyrics and sheet music (National Anthems Reference Page)

Languages of Jordan
Ethnologue Database

Historical and political texts relating to Jordan


Jordan timeline
A chronology of key events (from the BBC)

History of Jordan (Wikipedia)

A History of Jordan 
by Philip Robins. 

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Text of constitution

King Abdullah II 
The royal website

List of government ministers (CIA)

Jordan's parliament
Official website (in English and Arabic)

International Crisis Group 
Recent reports on Jordan

Human rights reports on Jordan


King Hussein: A Life on the Edge
by Roland Dallas. 

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US State Department
Travel advice

British Foreign Office
Travel advice

Lonely Planet 
Online tourist guide to Bahrain

Jordan Jubilee 
Information for the independent traveller

Electricity, plugs and sockets 

Royal Jordanian
The national airline

The Rough Guide to Jordan
by Matthew Teller. 

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World Bank: Jordan 
Comprehensive economic data

Jordan and the IMF

Economic news and data (zawya.com)

Jordanian equities market  
Latest prices (zawya.com)


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Books from Amazon


Pillars of Salt  
a novel by Fadia Faqir. Purchase from 
amazon.com or 

Our Last Best Chance: A Story of War and Peace 
by King Abdullah II. Purchase from amazon.com or amazon.co.uk

The Making of Jordan: Tribes, Colonialism and the Modern State 
by Yoav Alon. Purchase from amazon.com or amazon.co.uk


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