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Basic information

Latest news from Kuwait

History, politics, geography, economy and more

Kuwait: a country study
Detailed information from the US Library of Congress

CIA World Factbook - Kuwait

Nationmaster: Kuwait 
A compilation of facts and figures from many sources

Medea - Kuwait
(European Institute for Research on Mediterranean and Euro-Arab Cooperation)

BBC country profile - Kuwait

Maps of Kuwait

Local time

Local weather

Currency converter 
Kuwaiti dinar (KWD)

Communications in Kuwait (Wikipedia)

National flag of Kuwait

National anthem 
Audio, lyrics and sheet music (National Anthems Reference Page)

Languages of Kuwait
Ethnologue Database

Who's who in Kuwait

Historical and political texts relating to Kuwait


Constitutional background

Text of constitution

Constitutional information 
Law Library of Congress

Elections and Parliament [Medea]

al-Sabah family
Biographical notes on the ruling family [Medea]

List of government ministers (CIA)

Heads of state and prime ministers
Historical list (ZPC database)

Human rights reports  

Kuwaiti Bedoons Movement 


Kuwait timeline
A chronology of key events (from the BBC)

History of Kuwait (Wikipedia)


Kuwaiti newspapers  

Press freedom and censorship


US State Department
Travel advice

British Foreign Office
Travel advice

Lonely Planet 
Online tourist guide to Kuwait

Electricity and phones (Steve Kropla)
Plugs, sockets, TV system, mobile roaming, etc.

Etiquette in the Gulf States (Medea)

Kuwait Airways
The national airline


World Bank: Kuwait 
Comprehensive economic data

Kuwait and the IMF

Kuwait's exports (Medea)

Kuwait's imports (Medea)

Kuwait equities market  
Latest share prices (zawya.com)

Bank al-Kuwayt al-Markazi
(Central Bank of Kuwait)

Banks in Kuwait

Oil, gas, and electricity
US Energy Information Administration

Water in Kuwait
Aquastat country profile


Internet cafes in Kuwait

Kuwait Net (ISP)


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Books from Amazon

At War in the Gulf: A Chronology
Arthur H. Blair. Paperback, 1992

Beyond the Storm: A Gulf Crisis Reader
Phyllis Bennis (Editor), et al. Paperback, 1998

Freya Stark in Iraq & Kuwait
Malise Ruthven (Editor), et al. Hardcover, 1997

Invasion Kuwait: (An English Woman's Tale)
Jehan S. Rajab, Jehan S. Rejab. Paperback, 1996

The Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait: Saddam Hussein, His State and International Power Politics
Musallam Ali Musallam. Hardcover, 1996

Kuwait 1945-1996: An Anglo-American Perspective
Miriam Joyce. Hardcover, 1998

Kuwait: Recovery and Security After the Gulf War
Anthony H. Cordesman. Paperback, 1997

Kuwait by the First Photographers
William Facey, Gillian Grant. Hardcover, 1998

Oil and Politics in the Gulf: Rulers Merchants in Kuwait and Qatar
Jill Crystal. Paperback, 1995

The Ottoman Gulf: The Creation of Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, 1870-1914
Frederick Fallowfield Anscombe. Paperback, 1997

Shifting Lines in the Sand: Kuwait's Elusive Frontier With Iraq
David H. Finnie. Hardcover, 1992

A Victory Turned Sour: Human Rights in Kuwait Since Liberation
Middle East Watch. Paperback, 1991


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