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Arab League documents - special page

Human rights documents - special page

Sana'a Declaration - on emerging democracies, July 1999

The west and the Middle East

Barack Obama at the UN General Assembly 
25 September 2012

Barack Obama on the Middle East and North Africa 
19 May 2011

Barack Obama on a new beginning  
Speech by President Obama at Cairo University, 4 June 2009 

Freedom in Iraq and the Middle East 
Speech by President George Bush, 6 November 2003.

Anglo-French Joint Statement on Aims in Syria and Mesopotamia - 8 Nov 1918

The Sykes-Picot Agreement - 1916

Letter from Sir Henry McMahon to Ali ibn Hussain - 1915


Text of constitution 
As amended in 1996 (in English)

Text of constitution 
1996 version (in French and English)

Constitutional amendment  
2002 (in French). The amendment recognises Tamazight (Berber) as "equally a national language".

Text of constitution 
1989 (in French)

Constitutional amendment 
1988 (in French)

Text of constitution
1976 (in French)

Text of constitution  
1963 (in French)

Declaration of Tripoli Congress 
June 1962 (in French)

Charter of Algiers 
April 1964 (in French)

Speech by Charles de Gaulle  
Constantine, Algeria, 3 Oct 1958

Declaration of the Soummam Congress 
1956 (in French)

Proclamation of the Algerian National Liberation Front (FLN)  
1 Nov 1954 (Historical Text Archive). 

US policy towards Algeria
Statement by Robert H. Pelletreau, Assistant Secretary for Near Eastern Affairs, 1996.


Text of constitution (2002)

Previous constitution (1973)


(no documents available)


Constitution (in French)


Text of constitution 

Speech by President Morsi 
UN General Assembly, 26 September 2012

Speech by President Morsi 
In Tahrir Square, Cairo, 24 June 2012, following his confirmation as president of Egypt. 

Tahrir documents 
A collection of documents from the 2011 revolution, translated into English

Camp David documents (1978)

Treaty of Peace between Egypt and Israel  
26 March, 1979

Accompanying Letters to the Treaty of Peace Between Egypt and Israel  
26 March, 1979

Speech by Anwar Sadat to the Israeli Knesset  
20 November, 1977

Speech by President Nasser to the National Assembly 
29 May 1967 (mideastweb.org)

Agreement between Sudan and Egypt on the Full Utilization of the Waters of the Nile  
Cairo,  8 November 1959

Egyptian-Israeli General Armistice Agreement  
Rhodes, Greece, 24 February, 1949

Constantinople Convention of the Suez Canal (1888)


See special page


Text of constitution 

Press and publications law, 1998 
Full text

Towards democratic empowerment and 'active citizenship' 
Discussion paper issued by King Abdullah, 2 June 2013

Each playing our part in a new democracy 
Discussion paper issued by King Abdullah, 2 March 2013

Making our democratic system work for all Jordanians 
Discussion paper issued by King Abdullah, 16 January 2013

Our journey to forge our path towards democracy 
Discussion paper issued by King Abdullah, 30 December 2012

Speech by King Abdullah
At the opening of Parliament, 1 November, 1999

Letter to Prince Hassan
The letter in which King Hussein transferred the succession from his brother to his son. 25 January 1999.

Peace treaty
Full text of the treaty between Jordan and Israel signed on 26 October 1994

Washington Declaration
Between Israel and Jordan. 25 July, 1994

Israel-Jordan Common Agenda  
14 September, 1993


Text of constitution

UN Security Council Resolution 1284

UN Security Council Resolution 986  
("oil for food" resolution)


See special page


See special page


Text of constitution (1991)

Morocco (and Western Sahara)

Draft constitution, 2011 
Full text (in French)

Constitution, 1996  
(English translation); alternative source

Constitution, 1996  
(official French version)

Previous constitution  
(1992 consolidated version, in English)

King Mohammed VI: first speech from the throne
BBC, 30 July, 1999

UN Security Council Resolution 1215
on Western Sahara

Moroccan king promises reform 
9 March 2011 (Full text of speech)

Moroccan king promises new constitution  
17 June 2011 (Full text of speech)


Text of constitution (1996)


See special page


Text of constitution 
Draft approved by referendum on 29 April 2003.

Speech by the Emir 
Regarding the constitutional referendum, delivered on 28 April 2003.

Emir's abdication speech 
25 June 2013

Saudi Arabia

Text of constitution ("Basic Law", 1993)

Saudi reform documents, 2011

Charter to Reform the Arab Stand 
An initiative by Crown Prince Abdullah, published on 13 January 2003, for presentation to the next Arab summit.

National Reform Document 
A document seeking reform which was mailed to Crown Prince Abdullah in January 2003. The prince later met signatories at his palace.

Speech by Crown Prince Abdullah 
Arab summit, Beirut, 27-28 March, 2002

Speech by Crown Prince Abdullah  
Arab emergency summit, Cairo, 21-22 October, 2000

Speech by King Abdullah
25 September 2011, announcing that women would be allowed to take part in elections


Transitional National Charter 
Full text, 6 June 2000

Puntland: political declaration 
"The positions of the people of Sool, southern and eastern Sanaag regions and Buhoodle district of Somalia" - undated.

Puntland: message from the president  
4 June, 1999


Text of constitution (1998)


UN Security Council resolution 2235 
7 August 2015, on chemical weapons

Draft Statement of Basic Principles 
Opposition proposal for a political settlement, 9 February 2014 

UN Security Council resolution 2118 
17 September 2013. Full text

OPCW Executive Council Decision
On Syria's chemical weapons, September 2013. Full text

Geneva communique on Syria, 30 June 2012
Full text

UN Security Council resolution 2042 
14 April 2012

UN Security Council statement on Syria  
21 March 2012

Syrian constitution, 2012 
Approved by referendum, 26 February 2012

Legislative Decree No. 54 Regulating Right to Peaceful Demonstration
21 April 2011

Interview with President Assad 
Broadcast by the Syrian TV station, Addounia, on 29 August 2012.

Speech by Bashar al-Assad 
Address delivered in Damascus opera house, 13 January 2013, as reported by the government news agency, SANA.

Speech by Bashar al-Assad 
Address to the newly-elected Syrian parliament, 4 June 2012 Full text in English

Speech by Bashar al-Assad 
Address at Damascus University, 20 June 2011. Full text in English

Speech by Bashar al-Assad 
Address to the new Syrian government, 16 April 2011. Full text in English

Speech by Bashar al-Assad 
Address to the Syrian parliament, 30 March 2011. Full text in English

Inaugural address
Speech by Bashar al-Assad on his inauguration as President of Syria

Interview with President Bashar
The president outlines his views on a wide range of issues. [Ash-Sharq al-Awsat, 8 February, 2001]

Security Council Resolution 242  
22 Nov 1967

Security Council Resolution 338  
22 Oct 1973

Syria and Lebanon:

Security Council resolution 1636 
31 October 2005. Adopted unanimously, the resolution demanded full Syrian cooperation with investigations into the assassination of former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri.

Larsen report 
Progress report by the special UN envoy, Terje Roed-Larsen, on implementation of Security Council resolution 1559. Published 25 October, 2005.

Draft Security Council resolution 
Draft resolution circulation following publication of the Mehlis report, intended to apply further pressure on Syria. Later amended and approved as resolution 1636.

Assassination of Rafik Hariri 
Full text of the Mehlis report, October 2005  

Assassination of Rafik Hariri  
Full text of the UN fact-finding mission's report, March 2005

Security Council Resolution 1595
7 April 2005

Security Council Resolution 1559 
2 September 2004

Damascus Agreement, 1985
Signed by Elie Hobeika, Walid Joumblatt and Nabih Berry in Damascus.


Text of constitution 

The November 7 Declaration
Ben Ali's speech to parliament in 1987 after President Bourguiba was declared unfit to govern

Manifesto of the Rassemblement Constitutionel Democratique
27 October, 1999 (in French)

Victory speech by President Ben Ali 
26 October, 1999, after winning 99.44% of the vote

Speech by President Ben Ali
27 December 2010

Speech by President Ben Ali 
10 January 2011 (final speech before his resignation)

United Arab Emirates

Text of constitution (Arabic only)


Constitution of the Yemen Arab Republic, 1970

Constitution of the Republic of Yemen, 1990

Constitution of the Republic of Yemen, as amended in 1994

Proposed amendments to constitution, August 2000

Law No 66 (1991) Concerning Parties and Political Organisations

Law No 25 (1990) Concerning the Press and Publications

Law No 41 (1992) Concerning General Elections

Law No 27 (1996) Concerning General Elections

The Treaty of Ta'if  
29 May 1934 (full text)

Saudi-Yemeni Memorandum of Understanding  
26 February 1995 (full text)

The Treaty of Jeddah  
12 June, 2000

London conference 
27 January, 2010 (final statement – full text)

UN Security Council resolution 2014 
21 October 2011

Speech by President Saleh 
25 September 2011. The first speech delivered by Saleh after his return from Saudi Arabia where he had been recovering following an assassination attempt.

Yemen transition agreement, 2011  
English translation of the power transfer agreement brokered by the Gulf Cooperation Council setting out the terms under which President Saleh would leave office.

Inaugural speech by President Hadi 
25 February 2012

Statement by the Yemen Socialist Party 
On National Dialogue and the southern issue, 29 April 2012

Statement by the Houthis  
Ten conditions for entering the National Dialogue, October 2012

UN welcomes National Dialogue 
Security Council statement, 15 February 2013

Constitutional Declaration by the Houthis 
6 February 2015


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