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Blog posts 2016

April 2016

Saudi Binladin Group 'axes 50,000 workers' 

How a minority can turn into a majority 

Flaws in the Arab Youth Survey 

Band banned 

Yemeni accused of atheism is murdered 

How the 'Arab Youth Survey' was skewed 

Dubai: a Panama in the Gulf 

Saudis object to UN report on torture of women 

The continuing decline of GNRD 

British Muslims and homosexuality: good news or bad? 

Haircuts from hell 

Sisi regime's self-inflicted wounds 

Wooing the rights abusers 

UAE 'made up' quotes from British MPs 

Offshore Arabs 

British 'praise' for UAE mysteriously deleted 

Libya: a regional battleground 

March 2016

Where literary meets military 

Egypt: more questions in Regeni case 

Egypt blames gang for Regeni's death 

The price of mocking "Sultan" Bouteflika 

Singing the Qur'an 

'Insulting Islam' with a cello 

Denying the obvious in Egypt 

Iraq: the fight for Fallujah 

Don't mention the weather 

Qatar: land of the free? 

Saudi Arabia back-tracks on Yemen 

In Saudi, thousands complain of unpaid wages 

February 2016

A pretence of justice 

Bahrain and Fifa: an own goal 

Youssef Rakha: genius in a land of madness  

The Facebook jihadists  

Facebook restores Arab atheist groups 

The cyber-jihad against atheists 

Bahrain's PM wins dodgy 'peace prize'  

Egyptian author jailed after sexy book extract gave reader "heartbeat fluctuations"  

Saudis 'prepare to fight in Syria' 

Hard times for GNRD  

Transgender in the Middle East (4)  

Transgender in the Middle East (3) 

Transgender in the Middle East (2)  

Transgender in the Middle East (1) 

January 2016

Oral hygiene: key to Saudi prosperity?  

Sex and the Lebanese  

The clown prince 

Dubai fire: a question of cladding 

Blog posts 2015

December 2015

Egypt TV host jailed for thought crime 

Surrealism in Bahrain 

Sisi regime raids Cairo arts centre 

Apostates can be killed for food or organ transplants, IS says 

Courting danger 

Orientalist required 

Kidnappers of Qatari royals said to be making political demands 

Five face trial in Mecca crane disaster 

Doubts about membership of Saudi coalition 

Eyes wide shut over Sinai plane crash 

Saudis ridiculed over 'anti-terror' coalition 

Persecuting the non-believers 

Mercenaries reported killed in Yemen 

Assassinations in Aden 

Yemen's Saudi-backed leaders at loggerheads 

Magna Carta, Philip Hammond and the Saudi businessman 

November 2015

Carole Samaha returns to GNRD 

10 reasons for Britain to bomb ISIS in Syria 

A kingdom in blinkers 

Syria: to bomb or not to bomb? 

'Sooni' versus Sunni 

Poet 'sentenced to death' in Saudi 

Islamic State's 'Schweppes bomb' 

'Black box' won't solve Sinai crash mystery 

Algerian army's 'benevolent sexism' 

US pushes Airbus bomb plot theory 

Egypt air crash update 

Egypt air disaster 

October 2015

Colombians join the war in Yemen 

Spinning against imperialism 

Sharia in Britain (2) 

Sharia in Britain 

GNRD and the Indian guru 

Death of GNRD 'high commissioner' 

Targeting Christians in Egypt 

Police raid UAE-linked rights group – again 

Yemen's conflict: paths towards a solution or deeper into the mire? 

Warning to GNRD donors 

Sentence on GNRD 'commissioner' confirmed 

September 2015

Saudi Arabia is worried – and not just about its king 

Red faces over Bahrain's PR visit 

Bahrain's PR offensive enlists Israeli help 

London police block anti-ISIS artworks 

Why Warwick university was wrong to ban ex-Muslim speaker Maryam Namazie 

Only 22% of Saudi voters are women 

Rights activist defends Azerbaijan 

Corbyn and the Middle East 

Fact and fiction in the Mecca crane disaster 

Disaster in Mecca: what went wrong? 

Bribery claim in GNRD 'money-laundering' case 

Female voters slow to register in Saudi Arabia 

Bahrain moves to suppress religious debate 

'Arabs Without God' translated

August 2015

First female voters register in Saudi Arabia

Legal moves in money-laundering case

Rubbish and revolution in Lebanon

UAE's cut-and-paste consulting firm

UAE payment to suspect rights group confirmed

Move to expel Norwegian TV from Egypt

Source of GNRD's funding revealed

Arianna Huffington and the Khanfar connection

Row over university admissions in Jordan

Murder triggers protests in Assad stronghold

Dahlan's son 'released after UAE drugs arrest'

UN acts on chlorine attacks in Syria

Privacy policy at al-bab

July 2015

Clickbait for Arabs 

GNRD appears on Kurdish TV 

Defending obscurantism 

Crossing boundaries 

Britain's 'nuclear exports' to Bahrain 

Saudi Arabia tackles rainbow peril 

Same man, two names 

Loai Deeb and his villa in Amman 

Assad regime revises the Qur'an 

Suspect rights group buys support 

Egyptian fury over Facebook rainbow 

Ramadan fast-breakers arrested in Marrakesh 

'Just Solutions' in an unjust world 

Cracks in the Saudi system 

Qatar's reactionary do-gooder 

GNRD and homophobia 

Nobbled by Qatar? 

Cameron, the takfiri 

June 2015

Online harassment resumes 

GNRD and Syria 

Religion, politics and jihad 

Shameful antics in Geneva 

'Arabs Without God' -- Arabic edition 

GNRD responds to laundering accusations 

GNRD and Palestine 

Living without God in the Middle East 

Gone but not forgotten 

Dahlan said to be funding GNRD 

GNRD to host meetings at UN 

Suspect rights group GNRD fights back 

GNRD 'to sue Norway for $2 billion' 

You will fast ... or else 

Loai Deeb and his 'collaborators' 

A junket in Geneva 

Is this the end for GNRD? 

Combating terrorism, the GNRD way 

Hobnobbing with Sisi 

Securitising religion in Egypt and Russia 

Praising human rights in Bahrain 

Limits of US power in the Middle East 

'Faith security': a dangerous concept 

UAE: a human rights paradise 

Five-year blasphemy sentence in Egypt 

May 2015

Civil society in Saudi Arabia 

Saudi king's absurd speech 

Britain's special relationship with Bahrain 

Obama and the Gulf states 

Egyptian rights group backs NGO restrictions 

Detained migrants abused by Saudis – report 

Saudis denounce offensive hajj question 

Nepotism in disguise 

Hajj 2015: the Shia question 

Saudis step up hajj sectarianism 

Tikrit after the extremists 

April 2015

Human rights league table goes missing 

Sainsbury's Egyptian fiasco 

Yemen and Saudi Arabia's royal reshuffle 

A bleak outlook for Arab media 

Syria: new prospects for peace? 

Islamophobia and the British election 

Miliband's foreign policy 

Cat and mouse in the Red Sea 

A UN-backed solution for Yemen? 

Goodbye Yemen 

NGO accused of promoting safer sex 

Yemen and Pakistan: a question of sects 

Yemen, the US and the Houthis 

Yemen, Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood 

Britain's role in the Yemen war 

Yemen: a way forward -- or downward? 

Journalist tells of harassment in UAE 

March 2015

Yemen and Iran 

Critics of UAE face new harassment 

Yemen and Saudi Arabia 

Fighting extremism with extremism 

Dust-up in the desert 

University signs deal with GNRD 

The smears turn nastier 

Scientology and women's rights 

Scientologists provide human rights training 

Banned politician monitored Egypt's election 

GNRD's 'High Commissioner' sentenced 

Helping or hindering? 

Call for fresh thinking on Gulf-west relations

February 2015

Creating terrorists in Egypt 

The price of criticising the UAE 

Faking it on Twitter 

Twitter antics 

Mystery group defends UAE's rights record 

Another atheist sentenced in Egypt 

The HSBC scandal and the Middle East 

Wrestling with sex in the UAE 

Forward into the past 

Grand designs in Geneva 

Grim prospects for Yemen 

Sympathising with Sisi 

January 2015

What's really wrong with the Middle East 

Egypt election monitoring scandal

Fake university chief to monitor Egypt's elections

Grovelling in Riyadh

Trading with tyranny

Britain's counter-terrorism muddle

Baha'i man accused of spying in Yemen

Britain and its poisonous friends

Dealing with blasphemy, the Saudi way

'Muslims don't believe in free expression'

The right to offend

Blog posts 2014

December 2014

The apostasy game 

Saudis combat atheism with 'certainty' 

A seriously flawed document 

Homophobia and nationalism 

Egypt's unholy war against minorities 

Hope amid the despair 

Arab atheism: It's about religion, not ISIS 

Leaked emails reveal Moroccan lobbying in US 

British MPs 'appalled' over Bahrain base 

Playing the 'morality' card 

'East of Suez' revisited 

Blundering in Bahrain 

Why did ISIS shut down Mosul's phones? 

Assad regime and the right to kill 'pagans' 

'Pagans should be killed' 

'Arabs Without God' book translation project 

November 2014

The Middle East's disappearing religions 

The myth of religious authenticity 

'We live here like prisoners' 

'British values' or universal rights? 

Bahrain's electoral window-dressing 

Britain's strange love affair with Bahrain 

Polls apart in Bahrain 

Translating 'Arabs Without God' 

Queen Rania denounces religious fanatics 

Crowd-funding 'Arabs Without God' 

'Arabs Without God' – Arabic edition 

Popcorn revolution in Saudi Arabia? 

Kuwait's plan for stateless residents 

Heading for a showdown 

Yemen: new government named 

Yemen: Saleh and Houthis face UN sanctions 

Islamophobia and the extreme right 

Lifelines for the Islamic State 

October 2014

Fake university man aims to sort out Yemen 

'The Arab ancien regime is living on borrowed time' 

Global gender gap 

Abuse of domestic workers 

Intimate Enemies 

Common ground: the UAE and ISIS 

Yemen: a cacophony of voices 

Tony Blair's 'war of ideas' 

Israeli hasbara is failing 

No cash for bad news in Iraq 

Secularists' dilemma 

Crony capitalism 

ISIS and the war of ideas 

Iraq's absent soldiers 

Investing in dictatorship 

Dictators in debt 

ISIS bans evolution, patriotism and literature 

Islamic Kingdom versus Islamic State 

Clarity over ISIS? You must be joking! 

September 2014

Netanyahu at the UN  

ISIS, the Middle East's do-gooders  

Here come the Houthis  

Obama's unholy alliance  

Algeria tightens its borders  

Egypt's growing moral panic  

Scotland and the Middle East  

A day in the life of Saudi Arabia  

Bombs can't defeat ideas  

'Not available in Middle East'  

Battle over Mosul's schools  

Denying God, subverting society  

An odd organisation  

Britons missing in Qatar  

Libya: long live the king?  

Mosul’s first death by stoning

August 2014

The sickness that gave birth to ISIS 

Veils, gloves and violence in Iraq 

New e-book: Arabs Without God 

Morocco: the cannabis question 

Gaming the Middle East 

Yemen's own 'terror tunnel' 

Britain, Israel and drones 

Gaza: a new fragrance from Garnier 

Ministries Without Quotas 

Women in the workforce 

Segregation for the sake of peace? 

Disproportionate by design 

The Gaza 'kidnap' fiasco 

Ending Libya's free-for-all

July 2014

Hasbara gone wrong

Shooting rabbits in Yemen

The fog of war in Gaza

The battle of Ghardaia

The Berbers of North Africa

Racist diplomacy

Are we obsessed with Israel?

Morocco and torture

Losing the plot

Jihad for Israel?

It's the men, stupid

Party politics in Tunisia

All Islamic, all the time, in Iraq

Lebanon: Call for action against 'gay test' doctor

Egypt cracks down on civil society

Pinkwashing Gaza

Escape from Mosul

Stirrings in Algeria

Blair versus the Brotherhood

Yemen: symbolism or substance? 

June 2014

When eating is a crime (2)

When eating becomes a crime

Blaming the Muslim Brotherhood

Sisi's Egypt to 'eliminate' atheism

Yemen and the future of Hadhramaut

Egyptian teacher jailed for 'insult' to religion

Yemen: face-off at the mosque 

May 2014

Bahrain's hypersensitive king 

April 2014

Why Yemen Matters 

March 2014

Atheism equals terrorism in Saudi Arabia

Fly me, I'm the Iraqi minister's son!

Syria sarin attacks

Art versus tradition

February 2014

The Gulf's employment crisis (6) 

The Gulf's employment crisis (5) 

A bulwark against sectarianism? 

The Gulf's employment crisis (4) 

The Gulf's employment crisis (3) 

The Gulf's employment crisis (2) 

The Gulf's employment crisis (1) 

United States of Yemen 

A moment of opportunity for Syria talks 

Assad and the enemy within 

Dynamics of Contention 

Saudi Arabia: buses for women? 

Off the record? 

Fake jobs boost Saudi employment figures 

UN investigator criticises UAE justice system 

Is Facebook deleting history? 

Saudi Arabia: a nation of entrepreneurs? 

Boxed-in over Syria 

January 2014

The Sisi revolution? 

How Qatar got its fingers burned

Revolutions are messy

Hobnobbing with the oppressors in Bahrain

Messing up in Syria

The rise of Arab sectarianism

Blog posts 2013

December 2013

We're all terrorists now 

Saudi activist faces new execution threat 

Opposing democracy in Bahrain 

Questions for the Syria Sarin sceptics 

Sarin in Syria 

Syria chemical attacks: a question of sources 

Investigating chemical weapons in Syria 

Narwani and the 'Amnesty plot' 

Can Saudi women join 'morality' police? 

Promoting democracy – the military way 

Bribes galore 

Defending slavery in Saudi Arabia 

Missing the story in Saudi Arabia 

November 2013

Saudi deportations top 71,000

American detained without trial in UAE 

People versus projects 

Keeping out the foreigners 

Egypt's latest charm offensive 

Language barriers 

Yemen's not-so-temporary president

Floundering in a mire of its own creation 

Inter-city war averted in Libya? 

Saudi crackdown hits food supplies 

Saudi Arabia's double standards

Saudi round-up of migrants tops 33,000 

Call to abolish 'sponsor' system for migrants 

Saudi Arabia's self-inflicted crisis

Saudi crackdown brings more turmoil 

Saudi officials sweep the streets 

Saudis round up 28,000 migrants in three days 

Thousands more arrested in Saudi Arabia

Saudis arrest 5,000 foreigners in crackdown 

Saudi Arabia: expulsions resume

Political deadlock continues in Tunisia 

October 2013 

Subverting Saudi Arabia through song

Atheist student faces jail in Egypt

Digging up the past

Saudi games in Geneva

No Woman, No Drive

Robert Fisk's comedy of errors

Jordan king's 'sincere efforts' fail to impress

Resisting revolution -- with sectarianism

Egypt's 'homosexuality' arrests

Saudi Arabia mocks the UN -- again

Saudi Arabia and the Security Council

Western PR firms bid for Bahrain contract

Syria and its chemical weapons

Tunisia takes the dialogue route

Egypt: getting away with murder

Star Trekking through the Middle East

Ababneh trail leads to Iran

September 2013

May 26: Assad's departure date? 

Lavrov cites mystery reporter Ababneh 

Manufacturing credibility 

Yahya Ababneh exposed 

Syria 'rebel chemicals' story gets weirder 

Syria 'rebel chemicals' mystery deepens 

Chemical attacks and a mystery reporter 

Russia and the weapons inspectors 

Syrian chemical weapons: reasons for hope 

More clues from the weapons inspectors? 

Bahrain and the art of deception 

Why a UN resolution on Syria is needed 

How to get Syria to give up chemical weapons 

Put Russia to the test 

Syria airstrikes: is there another way?

Chemical weapons: a diplomatic way out? 

Has Putin changed his tune on Syria? 

Walking a fine line on Syria 

Talking to Mr Assad

Syria – a chilling hypothesis 

Syria – the waiting game 

August 2013

Syria: a question of international law 

Syria: the view from US intelligence 

Syria: another green light for Assad 

Syria – from horror to farce 

Syria: some unanswered questions

It's time to cast off the 'Iraq war' mindset 

US rallies support for Syria air strikes   

Chemical weapons in Syria require action

Assad’s game-changer  

Method in Assad's madness?  

'Hezbollah stronghold': a western conspiracy? 

Email from an Arab atheist (3)   

Confessions of an Egyptian infidel 

Egypt: authoritarianism is not the solution 

Bahrain crackdown ahead of protests 

Email from an Arab atheist (2)  

Email from an Arab atheist 

Arabs and atheism 

Can the private sector save Gulf monarchies?

A royal blunder in Morocco 

Kafka in Saudi Arabia  

Bahrain's new crackdown on dissent 

Bahrain's new crackdown on dissent

July 2013

Jail and flogging for Saudi who mocked religious extremists 

A lesson for Libya from Egypt 

Libya: divided we fall 

Egypt, Tunisia, Libya ... turmoil is spreading 

Forgotten Iraq 

Dubai's ruler pardons himself 

'Gay' killings in Yemen 

Bahrain, kingdom of Kafka 

Egypt's floundering economy 

Bahrain: a case of dodgy research 

LGBT milestone in Lebanon 

Demonising the opposition 

Divine rights 

Syria conflict: the role of civil society 

Legitimacy in Egypt 

Beware of the Egyptian military 

Lessons of the Egyptian revolution 

June 2013

Arrested in Lebanon 

Young Jordanians back 'honour' killings 

Qatar's emir hands power to his son 

Mob attack kills Shia Muslims in Egypt 

Message from a gay Yemeni 

Artists versus Islamists in Egypt's culture war 

Egyptian provinces need elected governors 

Partying with the devil in Saudi Arabia 

Middle East moving backwards on gay rights? 

Morocco: back to the old ways 

Yemen's own Edward Snowden 

Day of rest or day of house arrest? 

Egypt: another circumcision death 

Coming out in Yemen 

Jordan's web of media control 

British 'wishful thinking' on Syria 

Egypt's double standards on sovereignty 

Jordan: active citizenship and internet censorship 

Saudi chaos over expatriate workers 

Egypt blocks discussion of gay sexual health at World Health Organisation 

Egypt: 'foundations for a new police state' 

Book extract: The urge to control 

May 2013

Battle of the Nile 

Threats galore over Hizbullah in Syria 

Iraq: the road to disintegration 

Qatar: assessing the Villaggio disaster 

Hizbullah's Syrian adventure 

Migrant workers in Dubai face deportation 

Saudi Arabia steps up executions 

Bahrain: a century of reform promises 

Newspapers seized over Bouteflika 'coma' reports 

Obama renews 'emergency' order on Yemen 

Libya: legislating under duress 

Learn Arabic ... or else 

Algerian activist sentenced over leaflets 

Bahrain: a tale of two ambassadors 

April 2013

Bahrain complains about human rights report

Iraq war diary: 14 April, 2003

Iraq war diary: 13 April, 2003

Iraq war diary: 12 April, 2003

Yemeni moves to curb Saleh family

Iraq war diary: 11 April, 2003 

Iraq war diary: 10 April, 2003 

Iraq war diary: 9 April, 2003 

Iraq war diary: 8 April, 2003 

Iraq war diary: 7 April, 2003 

Iraq war diary: 6 April, 2003 

Growing criticism of Saudi deportations 

Iraq war diary: 5 April, 2003 

Saudi deportations total 775,000 

Iraq war diary: 4 April, 2003 

Mass expulsions from Saudi Arabia

Iraq war diary: 3 April, 2003

Iraq war diary: 2 April, 2003

Iraq war diary: 1 April, 2003

March 2013

Iraq war diary: 31 March, 2003

Seeing through Assad

Iraq war diary: 30 March, 2003

Britain softens its line on Bahrain

Iraq war diary: 29 March, 2003

Iraq war diary: 28 March, 2003

US rightwingers join Bahrain propaganda offensive

Iraq war diary: 27 March, 2003

British diplomats defend Bahrain

Iraq war diary: 26 March, 2003

Warm words for Bahrain from British ambassador

Saudis threaten to block Skype and WhatsApp

Iraq war diary: 25 March, 2003

President Hadi: a man in the shadows

Iraq war diary: 24 March, 2003

Jordan: forward to God-knows-where

Iraq war diary: 21 March, 2003

Obama and Israel's 'assisted suicide'

Iraq war diary: 20 March, 2003

Iraq war diary: 19 March, 2003

Police, dogs and rap music

Iraq 2003: Anatomy of a fiasco

Cutting human rights down to size

Sex and the Arab Spring

Royal solidarity tour starts in Jordan

Bahrain: reshaping the news to fit

Prince begins 'royal solidarity' tour

Syria: the Saddam Hussein question

Islamists: a view from British Conservatives

Britain's friends in the Emirates

The double standards of Hugo Chavez

A royal welcome for Saudi tweeters?

Clashes over 'religious kidnap' in Egypt

Sharmine Narwani: spinning the Assad line

Readers' favourites

February 2013

Bahrain thanks UAE for banning speaker

The Gulf's golden handcuffs

Arming the 'good' rebels in Syria

Defaming the dead in Syria

Oman: the sultan and his prisoners

Conference speaker banned from UAE

Egypt's Christians angry over Easter election

Syria talks: a lifeline for Assad?

Bahrain king's son heads for Britain ... again

Arab media: a question of freedom

Threat to Muslim MP over gay marriage vote

UN welcomes Yemen's National Dialogue

Kuwaitis acquitted on 'battery' charge

Russia blocks UN statement on Yemen

Saudi Valentine's Day is looking rosy

Egypt's economy drifting down the Nile

Ex-admiral calls for US fleet to quit Bahrain

The art of the diplomatic dispatch

Bahrain: talks about what?

Muslim MPs back gay marriage

Assad, the unassuming Godfather

Meritocracy, Riyadh style

Staggering along in Yemen

Saudi Arabia: a question of identity

Readers' favourites

January 2013

Unholy matrimony battle continues in Lebanon

Saleh, the victim

Mufti's threats over civil marriage in Lebanon

Citizen Saleh

Sects and marriage in Lebanon

Egypt's national dilemma

Saudi Arabia: subversion by stealth

Saudi apostasy case dropped

Britain and Israel: tax benefits for settlers?

Gay marriage, Lebanese style

Jordan: a transition to what?

Saudi Shoura Council: no hanky-panky, please

Yemen: colonial echoes in the south

Yemen and the Houthi conflict

Yemen's ambivalent transition

Yemen, water and qat

Yemen: a challenging year ahead

Resisting colonialism at Oxford

Bahrain king is 'Humanitarian of the Year'

Bahrain's failed charm offensive

The futility of talking to Assad

Shutting out the world from Bahrain

Testing Egypt's constitution

Yemen's motorcycle murders

Critic of Israel/Palestine NGOs loses case

Readers' favourites

Blog posts 2012

December 2012

King of Jordan: future is in the people's hands

Iraq: Mud-slinging in the rain

Jordan king promises reforms (again)

Arab media dinosaurs meet in Bahrain

Saudi Arabia's soccer republic

Saudi writer Turki al-Hamad arrested over tweets

Brahimi meets Assad

The Syria question. Is the answer 142?

Selling to the Sultan

Bahrain violates workers' rights, says US

Yemen president grasps the nettle

The 'crime' of cross-dressing in the Emirates

Yemen plans to eradicate qat

Bouazizi and the arrogance of power

Internet survives as Dubai conference collapses

Arab uprisings: a book list

Spinning the UAE

Yemen: All the president's missiles?

Self-inflicted wounds in the UAE

Saudi crackdown on 'fake' muftis

Tunisia: another Egypt?

Arab regimes' new threat to internet

Syria: preparing for the end

Syria's chemical weapons: how real is the threat?

Will Assad flee or sink with his ship?

Six pointers to Assad's fall

Kuwait election results: key points

The Kardashian effect

November 2012

Syria rebels confront Assad's air power

Libya: release of 'gay partygoers' delayed

EU ambassadors unhappy over policy on Jordan

Libya 'gay partygoers not to be killed'

Britain's policy in Bahrain isn't working

Vigilante group rounds up gay men in Libya

More tricks from the Bahrain News Agency

Condoleezza's chaos theories

Yemen wages war on 'terror' bikes

Bahrain, one year after BICI

Teacher sacked over sexual harassment film

Weaning Yemen off qat

Gulf states rally round Jordan's king

Female politician resigns in Libya

Syrian rebels' unnoticed gains

Jordan: the royal fightback

Buying time in Jordan

Jordan's protesters turn against king

Saudis disown 'torture' girl's father

Bahrain: 'No meaningful progress'

Jordan: anatomy of a political mess

Gunfire as Jordan protests continue

Arab Idol: a TV dilemma for Muslims

Jordan's protesters deride the king

UAE goes to war against the internet

Saudi 'torture' girl's father detained

Former intelligence chief jailed in Jordan

Saudi preacher said to have tortured five-year-old daughter to death

Saudis face 'seeds of discord' trial

Bahrain: discrimination and citizenship

Bahrain strips 31 of their citizenship

Halloween 'devil worship' in Jordan

Kuwaiti protesters face teargas

Yemen: a marriage made in hell

Parliament or president?

Kuwait: the battle for accountability

'Gay party' raided in Egypt

US 'concerned' at Bahrain demo ban

October 2012

Motorbikes: a moral dilemma for Saudi Arabia

Bahrain embarrasses its friends (again)

Poetic justice, Qatari style

Syria and Iraq: the spillover effect

Saudi Arabia: 'good' protesters, 'bad' protesters

Lebanese peril

Twitterphobia in Bahrain

Popular Arab cinema on show 

June-September 2012

Syria and Saudi Arabia: tyranny versus tyranny

Syrian regime warns: beware of imitations

Syria: Forget 'civil war' – it's armed conflict

Yes, sovereignty is the issue in Syria

Syria and the 'Yemen solution'

May 2012

Algerian election: disillusion prevails

Advertisers triumph in Egypt's presidential debate

Arab Spring or Arab Plague?

Syria: voting for what?

Assad, Buddhism and an alien spaceship

A shocking sight in Beirut

April 2012

Death on the Danube ... and a tale of corruption in Libya

Saudi Arabia: a bauble for the king

Libya: a scandal at the oil refinery?

Yemen: the Saleh regime fights back

Mauritania: revolt of the "hand-towels"

Bahrain: shot man "died from a cut"

Mauritania: next in the Arab Spring?

Questions about Bahrain shooting

March 2012

Russia's Syrian blinkers

Syria: a bulwark against imperialism?

Assad and the email sceptics

Syria and the art of revolution

Morocco: The tragedy of Amina

Solidarity with Syrians ... but which Syrians?

Lebanese move to regulate websites

'Emo' killings in Iraq

Gaddafi house seized

Syria defiant at Human Rights Council

February 2012

Bahrain: a busy time for Qorvis

Stratfor's "intelligence"

Gay rights and the Arab Spring

Orientalism revisited

Documents added to the website

'Spontaneous demonstrations' are expensive

Lizzie Phelan blames west for Aleppo bombings

New move on Saudi women drivers

Busy Lizzie

January 2012

Yemen: Election? What election?

Reforming the Saudi religious police

Syria and the 'Assad poll'

Britain and Bahrain: just good friends

Syria and the 'Zio-American plot'

A change of underwear in Saudi Arabia

Syria: the money question

Yemen's 'Parallel Revolution'

Blog posts 2011

December 2011

US visa for Saleh?

Yemen: a new era of illegitimacy

Muddying the waters in Syria

Just too much

Syria: the clock is ticking

Assad buys more time

Yemen: the frustrated revolution

Gay rights and human rights

Hunting the Gaddafi family's assets

The power of mice

Tunisia's discriminatory new constitution

Qorvis and Bahrain

Yemen seeks election aid

Arabs and the gender gap

Syrian blogger arrested

Qatar, al-Jazeera and HIV

Saleh fights back in Yemen

November 2011

Yemen: a question of immunity

Saudi Arabia may avoid Olympic ban

Tunisia, Ennahda and Bahrain

Marinara from Bahrain

Parliament versus monarchy in Kuwait

'Obscene party' raided in Saudi Arabia

Yemen and Reuters (3)

Human trafficking in Egypt

Yemen and Reuters (2)

A gay day for Egypt?

Election round-up

Has the Arab League woken up?

Yemen and Reuters

Syria: the burning of the boats

Egyptian NGOs boycott constitution talks

Middle East headlines, 11 November

The future of tyranny (2)

The future of tyranny

Middle East headlines, 10 November

Middle East headlines, 9 November

Jordan's endless road to reform

Middle East headlines, 8 November

Saudi Arabia: imitation versus innovation

Middle East headlines, 7 November

Syria's 'progress' on human rights

Bahrain: death from natural causes?

October 2011

Hailing the next Saudi king

Bahrain $6m bribery claim

Anti-gay persecution in Iraq

Bahrain: more rubbish from Huffington

Egyptian jailed for 'insulting Islam' 

Yemen and the UN security council

Two arrested in Saudi over poverty video

Persistent lying from Bahrain's government

Tunisia on the road to gridlock?

Violence in Egypt leaves 24 dead

Bahrain's PR offensive continues

Rioting in Saudi Arabia

Battle to expose corruption in Jordan

Awlaki's death weakens Saleh

September 2011

Bahrain's latest PR stunt

A watershed moment for Saudi women

Saleh 'tricked Saudis' over return to Yemen

Documents added to website

Bahrain election spin

Saudi women get the right to vote

Journalists face jail in Oman

President Saleh returns to Yemen

Election victory for Saudi men

Spinning Bahrain, the Qorvis way

Yemen: a new transition plan

Lies and more lies from Bahrain's regime

Yemen and the spin doctors

August 2011

Yemen: a new parliament too?

Assad 'reforms' the Syrian media

Libya: no longer an 'Arab state'

Goodbye, Liliane Khalil

Who is Suzan Hadad?

An update on Liliane Khalil

Man shot near Saudi prince's palace

7% of Middle East bloggers arrested 

Lebanon: The Syrian spill-over

Libya, Bahrain and a mystery journalist

July 2011

Treading water in Bahrain

Misery of the housemaids

Can a British PR firm save Yemen?

Dubai: 'Illicit sex' in the sea

Lebanese musician arrested over song

Call to allow civil marriages in Egypt

Assad, the party pooper

Saudi citizenship campaign

The unstoppable revolution

Murdoch's Ben Ali moment?

Saudis challenge 'closure for prayer' rule

Morocco: how many really voted?

Readers' favourites

June 2011

Yemen: Family rift over Saleh's resignation

Royal charity fights homosexuality in Qatar

Morocco: King maps out a new constitution

Saudi Arabia: reclaiming the roads

Syria: from corruption to charity

Rise of the Muslim Sisterhood?

'Gay Girl' unmasked as a hoax

Syria and the Gay Girl mystery

Medical intervention in Yemen

A bird’s-eye view of Saudi Arabian theatre

Jordan: Anti-corruption journalist jailed

Libya: Legality of troops on the ground

Readers' favourites

May 2011

A road to change in Saudi Arabia?

Yemen's military turn against Saleh

Hassan Nasrallah on Syria

Yemen: will Saudis intervene?

Yemen on the brink of catastrophe

Saleh's childish antics

Yemen: a fresh start or more of the same?

Saudi woman arrested for driving

Syria: a defining moment

Youth, 17, faces execution in Egypt

Reflections on the Arab protests

Jordan: the failure to reform

Renewed pressure on Yemeni president

Gaddafi, Assad or Salih: who will go first?

Licensed to discuss literature

UAE's 'preventive' crackdown

Yemen 'transition' deal is a non-starter

Saleh quibbles over Yemen transition

Readers' favourites

April 2011

Saudi Arabia's crazy new media rules

Yemen: a transition to what?

Arab regimes and the Black Swan

Restoring tranquillity, the Syrian way

Syria: Tanks enter Deraa

Yemen's president edges towards the door

Syria: Assad has sealed his fate

New law to restrict protests in Syria

Syria: survival of the police state

Bahrain: dialogue of the deaf

Regulating freedom in Syria

Syria: the battle of Homs

Egypt's Indiana Jones in trouble

Syria: all the president's promises

Bahrain newspaper chief dies in custody

Obama on Qatar

Syria: the rewards of loyalty

Dress like an Egyptian

Syrian protests spread

Tunisia: Echoes of Ben Ali

Syria's slow-motion revolution

Déjà vu in Egypt

Bahrain 'sting' against newspaper

Syria's emergency law

Foul play in Saudi Arabia

Syria: the bloody road ahead

Reform, of sorts, in Syria

Journalists threatened in Jordan

Yemen: The GCC steps in

Egyptian accused of insulting the army

US ready to abandon Salih

When Islamists fight to lose

Bahrain newspaper under attack

Oman update

Morocco and Algeria: why no revolt?

Zahi Hawass and the Temple of Doom

Syria: the neglected rebellion

Readers' favourites

March 2011

Assad's moment of truth

Organised chaos in Yemen

Gaddafi's exit strategy?

Revolutionary updates, 27 March

Assad: waving goodbye?

Revolutionary updates: 24 March

Yemen: Why Salih must go now

Yemen: military manoeuvres

Revolutionary updates: 21 March

The Gulf dinosaurs battle on

Stirrings in Syria

A terrible day for Yemen

UN resolutions on Libya

Forces clear Bahrain protest camp

The price of 'traditional values'

Britain's role in Yemeni violence

Women in Saudi jails 'almost all' foreigners

Saudis' day of inaction

Yemeni elections delayed

Saudi Arabia's turn?

Moroccan king promises reform

Jail sentences over gay party

Lebanese protest against sectarianism

More Saudi calls for reform

Saudis ban all demonstrations

Rights activist detained in Qatar

Masses on the move in Yemen

Oman's Sultan Qaboos: a classy despot

Educating Saif Gaddafi

Thuggery at Saudi book fair

Departure plan for Yemen president

Libya and its tribes

Readers' favourites

February 2011

The Reda Helal mystery

Tribes step up pressure on Salih

Trouble in Oman

Egypt's constitutional changes

Blogging resumes

Saudi Arabia: between heaven and earth

A short interlude

The other Tahrir Square

Tribes, politics and guns in Yemen

Situation: fluid and scary

Mubarak's day of departure?

Moderately raging in Yemen

Yemen's 'day of rage'

Mubarak's reform plan: procrastinate and prevaricate

Protests give Arab media a headache

Leading the way to oblivion

'Tell Mubarak we don’t need his damn Internet'

Readers' favourites

January 2011

Talking to Egyptians

Lighting the fire

Egypt: a day of deadlock

Mubarak clings on as his power ebbs

Egypt in 140 characters or less

Mubarak: the exit strategy

Egypt burns

This revolution will not be tweeted?

Information lockdown in Egypt

Inshallah Twitter

Egypt: exaggeration or denial?

Egypt update, January 25

Police Day protests in Egypt

The new face of Arabic

Tunisia and Facebook

Arab dictators are good for Israel

More protests in Yemen and Algeria

Protests in Jordan

Yemeni protesters target Salih

Welcome to post-Islamism

Gaddafi versus Kleenex

Tunisia: the need for vigilance

Libya and the vanishing videos

Fate of a Tunisian tiger

Trouble in Libya

Ben Ali is no longer president

Ben Ali is still president

Tunisia: a moment in history

Tunisia: double or quits

Tunisia: the last days of Ben Ali

'Treason' claim over Clinton visit

Events in Tunisia, January 12

Today's events in Tunisia

Tunisia: the brink of revolution

Ben Ali's speech

Mis-reporting Tunisia

Tunisia: 'at least 20 dead'

This is serious

Tunisian police kill protesters

Algerian disturbances spread

Tunisia: the US speaks

Tunisia and the Arab house of cards

Tunisia: the battle for free speech

Cyber war breaks out in Tunisia

Death of Tunisian protester

Saudis impose new internet rules

Salih: president for life?

A new twist to Tunisian protests

Bomb attack on Egyptian church kills 21

Ben Ali is congratulated

Readers' favourites

Blog posts 2010

December 2010

Tunisia and the media

No answer from Ben Ali

Tunisian protests: week two

Protests spread to Tunis

Protester shot dead in Tunisian riots

Rioting in Tunisia

Saudi protests over schoolgirls' sport

Fatwa calls for death of ElBaradei

Half a million fatwas in Egypt

Yemen: Attacked 'foreigners' were CIA 

Officer kidnapped in southern Yemen

Hushing up Sunni v Shia clashes

Troops die in Yemen attacks

Egyptians in the Israeli army

Riot in Saudi Arabia

Egypt claims hostage reports 'fabricated'

Forbidden names

Clinging to Uncle Sam's coat tails

MEMRI: the crisis continues

Egypt: a parliament of cats and dogs

Saudi Arabia: the conversion business

Saudi court battle over marriage

Separatists kidnap troops in Yemen

Foolish words from the EU ambassador

Egypt accused over human trafficking

Wikileaks: Lebanese newspaper hacked

Sudan fashion models guilty of 'indecency'

Wikileaks: Tunisia, the 'friend' that isn't

Wikileaks: Partying in Saudi Arabia

Wikileaks: Where are the Israel documents?

UN intervenes over Egypt hostages 

Free expression: a strategy in tatters

Migrants 'held hostage in Egypt'

Saudi professor arrested

Wikileaks: Sibling rivalries in Libya

Yemeni MPs to question minister over 'lie'

Wikileaks: Tunisia's next president?

Wikileaks: The Moroccan king's fears

Iraq: the gay factor

Qatar and the World Cup

Wikileaks: a tragi-comedy in Sanaa

Temporary marriages

Ceci n'est pas un cinema

Facebook 'secrets' man jailed in Egypt

MEMRI asks for money – again

Egypt: Back to square one

Readers' favourites

November 2010

Wikileaks: Oman, US missiles and Iran

Wikileaks: Egypt, an obstacle to peace

Wikileaks: The Arab media dilemma

Wikileaks: Salih-Petraeus meeting in Yemen

Election-rigging in Egypt

Military trial for Facebook man

Second car bomb in northern Yemen

Fear of photography

Syrian nuclear impasse

Hard times for MEMRI

Many dead in Yemen car bombing

Amr Khaled arrives in Yemen

All the president's family

Another dose of democracy?

Cinema returns to Saudi Arabia

Are drones really the solution?

Falconry: a worthy heritage?

Yemen conspiracy theories

Royal families: British and Arab

Ahmed Shaaban update

Yemeni warplanes 'attack al-Qaeda'

Egyptian police accused of killing youth

Containing al-Qaeda

The blame game in Yemen

France 'aided Saudi war on Houthis'

Palestinian arrested for atheism

Saudi Arabia: champion of women?

Blogger completes sentence ... re-arrested

Fatwas and supermarkets

Child marriage: a cure for gayness

Libyan in-fighting

Sentence completed, blogger stays in jail

Shortage of Saudi Qur'an teachers

Saudi media challenge Grand Mufti

Setbacks for civil society

Al-Qaeda and the Dubai plane crash

Gaddafi's son censored

Human development and the Arab states

Saudi scholars clash with government

Readers' favourites

Date set for maid's execution

Faifi and the parcel bombs tip-off

New fatwa against women cashiers

'Parcel bomb' student released

Government hails Yemen's 'progress'

October 2010

Yemen and the parcel bombs

Jail and flogging for power-cuts protest

Campus security dispute rumbles on

Al-Jazeera suspended in Morocco

'Hong Kong solution' in the West Bank?

Saudi religious police cool off (a bit)

Qatar 'less corrupt' than UK and US

Money talks in Marrakesh

Vote-buying charges in Jordan

Jailed for 'disobeying' father

Yemen, the US and child soldiers

Saudi 'morality queen'

Yemen strikes tribal alliance against al-Qaeda

The politics of Egyptian statistics

Maid faces execution in Saudi Arabia

Police ordered out of universities

Destination: gay Beirut?

Murder by motorbike

President for ever?

Another bad year for Arab press freedom

Prosecutor questions Kuwaiti royals

Saudi silence over murder case

Fracas at Kuwaiti TV station

The Middle East gender gap

'Al-Qaeda financier' arrested in Yemen

The Chilean way, and the Arab way

Al-Qaeda plans 'army'  in southern Yemen

Sectarian tensions in Egypt

Ya Memri!

Egypt cracks down on text messages

'Hit-list' officer shot dead in Yemen

Tackling poverty – by deportation

Battle of the fatwas

Saudi marriage official's child bride

Yemen and the GCC

Diplomats under threat

Diplomats attacked in Yemen

Free speech for some?

Kareem's story

Despotic benevolence

Moroccan magazine to close

'Imminent danger' from multimedia

Reading between the red lines

September 2010

Egyptian billionaire escapes execution

The battle against cyber-jihad

Call to abolish Yemen's media court

That photo again

Militants leave besieged town

Deeper into the mire

Yemeni forces launch major assault

Siege of Yemeni town continues

Photoshopping in Washington

Thousands flee Yemen attack

Bahrain citizenship revoked

Assassination attempt in Yemen

Asylum and the 'gay Saudi'

Call for UN human rights mission in Yemen

Saudi juggling act on homosexuality

Al-Qaeda issues its own 'wanted list'

Bahrain warns 'preacher candidates'

Bahrain seizes control of human rights group

Kuwaiti policewomen

Bahrain wants Britain to expel activists

'Fatwa' websites closed

Pre-election crackdown in Bahrain

Blaming Arabic

Misery of the housemaids

Analysing the Yemeni problem

August 2010

The media in Syria

Yemen's new deal with Houthi rebels

A gay ad for Coca-Cola in Egypt?

King reprimands scholar

Thousands flee Yemeni city

Saudis 'used British planes to bomb Yemen'

Taxation and representation

Yemen, the land of jihad

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

Complaints about Jordan's cyber law

Troops die in south Yemen attack

A war on Yemen's intelligence officers

Yemeni officer shot dead

Saudi king seeks to restrict fatwas

Nasrallah and Hariri

Nasrallah and the Israeli drones

Saudis fight sorcery

Security forces attacked in Yemen

The trouble with Islamism

Gardening on the Lebanese border

A burqa for the BlackBerry

BlackBerry: a crucial battle

Iraq's other war

Capture of Yemeni troops confirmed

July 2010

Call to ban Saudi Arabia from Olympics

Arabs and vegetarianism

'Captured soldiers' released, says report

Israel and homo-nationalism

Egypt's swine flu incompetence

Yemen rebels 'captured 200 soldiers'

British embassy attacked in Yemen

Safety in the heat (2)

Lettuce woman arrested in Jordan

Soldiers die in Yemen attack

Tweeting the revolution

Journey from left to right

Yemen death toll grows

Monitoring homophobia

Yemen's Houthi war resumes?

Arab jailed for sex with Jewish woman

Saudis and the rule of law

Tunisian newspaper seized

National dialogue in Yemen

Unfit to sail

Personal status laws in Egypt

Political gangrene

Eleven die in Yemen ambush

Syria bans niqab in schools

Security buildings attacked in Yemen

Male beauty parlour raided in Baghdad

Personal status law opposed

Filming in Saudi Arabia

New Houthi war 'imminent'

Sudanese newspaper suspended

'Honour' killing in Jordan

Oil workers kidnapped in Yemen

Court victory for Coptic church

Corruption in Morocco

CNN and the new McCarthyism

Four jailed for bribery in Jordan

Officer survives Yemen attack

Dancing in the street

Slavery in Yemen

RIP: Nasr Abu Zayd

Muslim Brotherhood taking over Europe?

Syria: the technology factor

Another officer shot dead in Yemen

'Eight dead' in building collapse

Yemen: the fragile truce

The Brotherhood's own Facebook

Khaled Said case: police detained

Violations of UN resolution 1701

Failed States Index

June 2010

Woman shot dead on Egyptian border

Seventeen face jail over gay parties in Syria

Lebanon Facebook arrests

Khaled Said and the emergency law

Thousands at risk in Syrian drought

Arrests at Sudan fashion show

Mubarak regime under pressure over killing

Zionist 'gay workshop' cancelled

Protest over 'personal status' law

Gay life in Syria

Misery of the housemaids (13)

Khaled Said's 'light' injuries 

Partygoers to be jailed and flogged

Egyptian churches at loggerheads

More clashes in Yemen

Iraqi police raid gay 'safe house'

Yemen releases top arms trafficker

Tunisians forbidden to contact EU

Church versus state in Egypt (2)

Pinkwashing Israel

New autopsy for Khaled Said

Safety in the heat

Room with a view

Did video lead to Egyptian's killing?

Egyptian 'beaten to death by police'

Where next for the Middle East?

Character assassination

US and the 'Abyan massacre'

Arab Free Press Forum (3)

Arab Free Press Forum (2)

Arab Free Press Forum (1)

Guns for the dead

Church versus state in Egypt

Egypt opens Gaza border

Saudis tackle child brides

Collateral damage

May 2010

Tamim family drops murder claim

Sign of the horse

Justice, Moroccan style

Morocco welcomes Elton John

Hariri's Future

Bahrain's halal sex shop

Misery of the housemaids (12)

Another botched airstrike

The power of Facebook

Misery of the housemaids (11)

Israel and the Bomb

Promoting democracy

Salih declares an amnesty

Saudi 'emo' girls arrested

Yemen: 20 years of unification

Activists on trial in Egypt

Bahrain bans al-Jazeera

1,600 women back gender apartheid

'Here were houses'

Saudi bulldozers destroy Yemeni village

Sex and the City and the UAE

Against homophobia in Beirut

Misery of the housemaids (10)

Salih assassination attempt

Migrant killed on Egyptian border

Houthi rebellion simmers on

Assassination attempt in Yemen?

Saudis debate women drivers

Egyptian regime's contempt for religion

Marriage for the masses

Human rights in Kuwait

The great unwatched

'No political prisoners' in Yemen

Egypt prolongs state of emergency

New call to ban Elton John

Gunmen try to free arms dealer

Protests over journalist's murder

Resisting homophobia in Lebanon

Child labour in the Middle East

Investigating nepotism

Blocking Skype in Yemen

Bahrain's alcohol dilemma

Double standards in Saudi Arabia

Yemeni body language

Money versus love in Oman

Britain and the Middle East

Absurd ban on Sufi ceremonies

Anti-smoking students banned from exams

Elton John faces Egyptian ban

Head of religious police dubbed an atheist

The king ... with women

Controlling Egypt's Sufis

April 2010

Misery of the housemaids (9)

Renewed violence in northern Yemen

Apartheid in Saudi Arabia

'Obscenity' of 1001 Nights

Solidarity against ElBaradei

Security men assault Yemeni Jew

Big news: Briton unhurt

Battle of Baalbek

Fred Halliday, RIP

Magazine closed, writer threatened

'Civil marriage, not civil war'

Rewarding Syria?

BBC tackles an Arab taboo

Yemen's snake-dancing president

Blogger imprisoned without charge

Marching for secularism in Lebanon

Death on the roads

Jordan textbooks still inadequate

Misery of the housemaids (8) 

Journalists to be freed

Another child marriage scandal 

Crackdown on dangerous ships

First Moroccan gay magazine

The future of Arabic (2)

'Vote-buying' in poetry contest

The future of Arabic

Is Arabic dying?

Sectarian violence in Egypt

Protests sweep Yemen

Arms dealer's assets frozen

Hepatitis man, 65, to wed girl aged 11

Misery of the housemaids (7)

Kuwait deports more Egyptians

Saudi cleric's lady friends

Kuwait deports ElBaradei supporters

Misery of the housemaids (6)

Middle East bookshelf: Yemen

Kuwait arrests ElBaradei supporters

Child bride bleeds to death

Third place for Saudi poetess

Yemen frets about its flag

Cairo protests suppressed

Egyptian hashish crisis

Al-Qaeda leaders 'quit Yemen for Somalia'

Smearing ElBaradei

Writer accused of apostasy

Arrested publisher is released

Randa's story

Emo shock for Saudis

From souqs to super-mall

Saudi Arabia, mother of parliaments

Not praying in vain ...

ElBaradei interview

The Great Escape, or not

TV fortune-teller to be beheaded

Corruption news

March 2010

Yemen jails southern activists

Saudi prince's drugs arrest

Middle East bookshelf: the final list

Yemeni girl, 12, granted divorce

Gaza hairdressers carry on snipping

Middle East bookshelf: society and politics

Middle East bookshelf: Islam

Yemen frees two journalists

Harassment in Tunisia

Child marriage law stymied?

Middle East bookshelf: fiction

Egypt clamps down on NGOs

Coq au vin, Dubai style

Middle East bookshelf: history

Yemen debates child marriage

Did the neocons get anything right?

Misery of the housemaids (5)

Migrants captured alive

A Middle East bookshelf (1)

Middle East for beginners

Saudi writer accused of blasphemy

Government bluster in Yemen

Abu Dhabi tackles domestic abuse

Murdoch, Israel and Avatar

More airstrikes in southern Yemen

Baha'is face new struggle for ID cards

Yemen airstrike against al-Qaeda

Jordan's refinery scandal

Another migrant shot on Egypt's border

Helping or hindering internet freedom?

Arabs and the death penalty

Yemen confiscates TV transmitters

Saudi jailed and flogged for gay video

ElBaradei supporter 'tortured'

The economics of free expression

An olive branch for Yemen's south

Charges against blogger dropped

Yemen hospital gunfight

Saudis to block BlackBerry?

Al-Qaeda's tribal roots

Yemen flag protester shot dead

Algeria's disappearing witnesses

Yemen admits botched al-Qaeda raids

An ex-president of sorts

But is it fiction?

Gun battle in Abyan

Blogger on trial in military court

Aid flounders as Yemen protests continue 

February 2010

Wide-scale protests in southern Yemen

Misery of the housemaids (4)

Medical bribes scandal in Egypt

Egyptian blogger 'faces court martial'

Algerian in-fighting

The ElBaradei factor

Yemen's southern problem

Misery of the housemaids (3)

Lebanese against confessionalism

Civil society: independent or not?

Tight lips as Moussa meets ElBaradei

Headbanging against repression

Breakthrough for female lawyers

Questions surround minaret disaster

ElBaradei has landed

'Don't welcome ElBaradei'

Brighter times for Syria

Mutawa man had six wives

Homosexuality a disease, say doctors

UN reviews human rights in Egypt

Court ruling against websites

Saudi underwear boycott

Lesbianism shocks the Emirates

Is anybody watching?

Hariri assassination – five years on

Resisting the Valentine ban 

Shop early for Valentine's Day

Yemen's Houthi war 'is over'

The do-it-yourself revolution

Can Gulf states really help Yemen?

Yemen ceasefire sticking points

Character assassination 

From jihad to the stars and stripes 

Female circumcision 'declining'

Yemen ceasefire hopes rise

A Yemeni view

Journalist sentenced again

Saudis 'torture Houthi rebels'

Arabs, gay rights and modernity

Land of the free, home of the brave ...

New elections in Saudi Arabia?

Chaos and the Arab state

Junblatt versus Jumblatt

Family values in Iraq

Arabic and the Roman alphabet

Yemen's non-ceasefire

January 2010

Yemen ceasefire talk ... again

Saudi couple get their marriage back

Tunisia damned with faint praise

End of the Saudi-Houthi war?

Saving Yemen

Serious about civil society?

No laughing matter 

National Torture Day

Clinton, Arabs and the internet

'Rape victim' jailed in Saudi Arabia

UN to scrutinise Tunisia

Prince Bandar disappears

US senate discusses Yemen

Riot in Saudi women's prison

Two hours to save Yemen

Arrested for insulting Mubarak

Saudi man, 80, weds girl aged 12

Why were they arrested?

'Condolence mission' halted in Egypt

Saudi internet censorship

Mauritanian fatwa against FGM

Al-Qaeda ... or not?

Death threat to Yemeni editor

More niqab protests in Egypt

Plight of a Sri Lankan maid

Saudi move to end child marriages

Yemen's humanitarian crisis deepens

Morocco's first Berber TV station

From niqab to surgical masks

Yemen: the Salih factor

Opposition to women-only taxis

The innocence of Sheikh Issa

Fighting terror, the Mauritanian way

The prince of R&B

Tolerating intolerance in Egypt

Making sense of Yemen

Murder at the midnight mass

Hopes for ceasefire in Yemen war

Misery of the housemaids (2)

Yemeni forces fire on sit-in

Petition against internet censorship

Help Yemen, not its government

Beware the militant engineers

Algerian website blocked

Britain calls summit on Yemen

Blog posts 2009

December 2009

Mauritanian journalist on hunger strike

Dozens questioned over Jeddah floods

US pours more money into al-Hurra

The internet's snowball effect

Bored with al-Qaeda

Yemen rebel leader may be dead

Egyptian Copts welcome distinguished visitor

Confusion over al-Qaeda airstrike

Lebanon's generous billionaire

Keeping watch on Baradei

Abu Zayd still hounded after 17 years

Mission accomplished?

Victory for Brotherhood's old guard

Perils of the Red Sea boat people

Yemeni ministers face questions

Victory for Egyptian niqab supporters

Lebanon: what has changed?

Algeria to censor internet

Polygamy row in Egypt

Yemen terror raid botched?

When is a dictator not a dictator?

Writers in search of readers

Mixing the sexes: Saudi Arabia's great debate

Moroccan internet 'crimes'

Yemeni security forces accused

Squabbling over the Rosetta Stone

Yemeni president calls national dialogue

A fight to the finish?

Orientalism in reverse

Return of Prince Sultan

Civil rights move blocked in Kuwait

Hacker 'used Yemen ministry's ID'

Kuwaiti prime minister questioned

In Dubai, they still don't get it

New paper in Syria

Dire state of Egypt's opposition

The shock of accountability

Self-righteous agonising over Muslims

President Baradei?

Saudi floods: now the inquest

Burst tyre in Damascus?

Gunfight during Yemen protests

Minarets, culture and creed

Saudis destroy border communities

Dancing in the rain

Rebuilding Lebanese politics

Southern protests thwarted

Death for drug dealers in Gaza

November 2009

God or government?

Tunisian president: health rumours

Yemen 'dragged Saudis into war'

Reflections on Eid al-Adha

What's Really Wrong ...

Too graphic for Egypt

Doing the hajj in style

Jailing Egypt's boat people

Deadly clashes in southern Yemen

A very British coup

Saudi witch hunt

Rescuing Yemen?

Kuwait's prime minister may face grilling

Saudi troops 'enter Yemen'

Widows 'bring bad luck'

Rebels kill three Saudi soldiers

'Indecency' in the UAE

Saudi Arabia's border clear-out

Arabic and information technology

Plight of Lebanon’s Palestinians

Saudis fanning the flames

Palin’s peace process

Clashes in southern Yemen

Qatar's progress against corruption

Moroccan journalists face jail

With respect, Mr President ...

Clearing out civilians

After the meal ... jail and flogging

Shielding corruption

Lining up against the Shia

Rebels' challenge to Saudi state

Kuwait's heritage industry

Saudis admit attacks in Yemen

What did the Iraq 'surge' achieve?

Middle East International is back

Video of 'captured Saudi'

Facing the music in Kuwait

Tunisian blogger interrogated

Saudis deport 3,000 to Yemen

Saudis continue battle with Yemeni rebels

Coming soon: female muftis

Saudi Arabia joins the war

Reforming Arab education

Tackling slavery in Mauritania

'Ten more days' of war in Yemen

Torture in Egypt: UN report

Al-Qaeda threat to Hizbullah?

Security chiefs killed in Yemen

Investigating slavery in Mauritania

The Arab Knowledge Report

Book review

Egypt's 'war on butterflies'

Dangers of slamming the door

Al-Azhar capitulates over niqab

President of mass destruction

October 2009

A reply to The Angry Arab

The state of Arab knowledge

The Iranian 'arms ship'

Victory for equality in Kuwait

Misery of the housemaids

Arming Yemen's rebels

Morocco bans Spanish paper

Lebanese politics 'inherently discriminatory'

Ben Ali again and again and again

Saudi TV woman escapes flogging

Revisiting the 'Facebook strike'

Soldiers die in Yemen ambush

Mubarak's thugs

Missile blamed for Airbus crash

And the winner is ...

Tunisia: all going according to plan

Yemen: 'army commander killed'

Undermining the climate talks

Yemen rebels 'clash with Saudis'

Arab winds of change

Arab press freedom: a sorry sight

Yemen's rebel leader 'is dead'

Hijab battle in Kuwait

Amr Moussa for president?

More Yemeni rebels face execution

Iran and the Yemeni rebels

Saudi gun restrictions to be relaxed

Reports of rebel leader's capture

Another 'honour' killing

Moroccan editor jailed

Endgame for the Yemeni war?

Saadawi and secularism

Libya: the son also shines

Demonstration in southern Yemen

Tunisian electoral traditions

Hamas man dies in custody

Troops seal off hospital

Father 'sold' disabled daughter

Germany warns rebel's relative

15 years for 'honour' killing

Libya threatens Unesco boycott

EU-Syria agreement finalised

The right way to shave

Rebel leader 'ready for dialogue'

Aid convoy from Saudi Arabia

The biter bit

Anti-corruption journalist on trial

Lebanon: waiting for salvation

Yemen rebels capture border district

Protests at Egyptian niqab ban

Rift over Houthi rebellion?

'Jeddah Casanova' sentenced

Egypt's VIP prisoner

Protests as Moussa visits Yemen

Freedom and the niqab

Arms traffickers named

A child with no name

Saudi fashion news

Tunisian election-rigging

The Red Sea boat people

Egypt’s legal vigilantes

Shot down – or not?

Moroccan cartoon crackdown

Lebanon: the problems of power sharing

100 arrests at Saudi party

Violence in southern Yemen

September 2009

‘Honour’ killing in Jordan

Egypt to deport journalist

New clashes in southern Yemen

'Jeddah Casanova' in court

Man 'claimed to be Jesus'

Al-Azhar discrimination complaint

Yemen claims British backing

Al-Qaeda and the Houthi conflict

Plight of Iraqi interpreters

Iraq's growing language gap

Moroccan king's carbon footprint

Algerians and the internet

Yemen: foot-dragging over aid

Unesco: the blame game

Jailed for five-star sex

US calls for Yemen ceasefire 

Unesco rejects Farouk Hosni

Running dry

Where is Maqalih?

Tunisia: harassing the critics

'140 rebels killed' in Yemen

Fashion: from Gucci to Gadafy

Death on the border

Orientalism revisited

'Temporary ceasefire' in Yemen

Ramadan rebels

Trousers are OK, says Mufti

'87 civilians dead' in Yemen attacks

A bridge ... or a ghetto?

Doctor 'abandoned sick maid'

Yemen: the absent state

Bin Laden's latest message

Selecting the opposition

A month of 'scorched earth'

Chatrooms of death

Cost of a marriage in Tunisia

The Economist on Yemen

Islamists and violence

150 arrested for breaking fast

Motives of the suicide bombers

Just passing by

Gaza casualty figures challenged

Egyptian union leader questioned

King Farouk of Unesco?

Food riot in Socotra

Obama's letter to Yemen

Charges against Egyptian Shia

Yemen's rampant corruption

Saudis close Shia mosque

A truce in Yemen?

Sudan's battle of the trousers

The Yemen war and family rivalries

Plight of the Saudi Shia

More on Menassat

Bankruptcy shock for Hizbullah

Dutch pull the plug on website

Trials of a Jordanian poet

UN warning on Yemen crisis

Gadafy's Great Splaj

Keychain leads to jail

August 2009

Tribesmen die in Yemen battle

Another religious clash in Egypt

TV channel sabotaged

Ben Ali prepares for victory

Saudi hegemony in Yemen?

Iraq's flawed media law

Yemen military to 'change tactics'

Kuwaiti TV show has the last laugh

Yemen ceasefire on the cards?

What Thomas Friedman reads

Villagers reject Baha’i neighbours

Saudi war on low-slung jeans

Water riots in southern Yemen

Religion and the search for security

Lebanon: the waiting game

Rebels 'not dead' at roadside

'100 rebels' dead at roadside

US calls for Yemen ceasefire

Banking on the abaya

Arabic slang goes online

Wildest place in the Middle East?

Syria and the C-word

Searching the internet in Arabic

Life in Yemen's war zone

Ben Ali's mini-coup

A dismal choice for Egypt

Bloggers and journalists

Senator McCain 'backs Yemen'

Male superiority in Iraq

Lebanese nepotism

Iraq: Are you man enough?

Religion and development

Yemeni rebels: the international dimension

Two views of Gaza

What's really wrong

Keep off the grass

Fifteen aid workers 'kidnapped by rebels'

Call for Yemen rebels to surrender

Lebanese apartheid

Censorsing the internet

Iraq's draft media law under fire

State of emergency

Yemen: here comes the 'iron fist'

Arab science fiction

Tax collectors’ revolt

Yemen ‘on the brink of an explosion’

Another crazy court case

How to be good at Arabic

Mauritania's first suicide bomb

Falconry: an ignoble sport

A step forward for workers' rights

Sex and Dubai Studio City 

King Abdullah of Lebanon

Writing on the wall for Salih?

Gaza’s own Hollywood?

Arabic web addresses are coming

Saudis get heavy with metal fans

Two bombs in southern Yemen

War on the home front

Yemen clashes ‘leave 16 dead’

Casanova and the prince

Back to normal in Iraq

100,000 displaced in Yemen conflict

Women face 'imminent execution' in Iraq

Searching for sex in Ramadan

Yemen, a banker's paradise

Palestine: the erosion of liberties

Monarchy is 'not to be debated'

The devil's work in Riyadh

Pilgrims' progress

The Q factor

July 2009

Another death threat in Yemen

A question of citizenship

Ambush in Algeria

The voice of China – in Arabic

Wiping Iraq off the map

Refugee crisis adds to Yemen's woes

They're coming to get you

Fun time in Riyadh

Ten years of Mohammed VI

With friends like these

The Red-Dead Project

Arabs and the hymen

Violence worsens in southern Yemen

Rebels attack again in northern Yemen

Crackdown on bloggers

The flesh-pots of Jeddah

Back-slapping in Damascus

'Sixteen dead' in south Yemen clashes

Ten die in Yemen mosque battle

Lies, damn lies and national security

Security, but not as we know it

Yet more insults

Yemen: the nightmare scenario

The Arafat ‘murder’ mystery

No rhyme, no reason

Cut! The film festival is stopped

Mauritania’s Ahmadinejad?

Questions about the Yemenia crash

Lebanese balancing act

Road to Damascus

Shock of the new media

Shining all over Egypt

The boys are in town

Yemen update

Yemeni call to expel al-Jazeera

Resign, if you want a job

Protest at newspaper ban

Undercover investigation

“Friends” of Israel

Double 'honour' killing in Saudi

Swine flu and the hajj

One country, or two?

A female pearl diver

‘Subversives’ at work

Sex news 

Google in Aleppo 

Yemenia – and a French 'cover-up'

Egyptian floozies

The Arabic blogosphere

Is Yemen going to blow? 

Introducing al-bab’s blog





What's Really Wrong with the Middle East  
Brian Whitaker, 2009



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