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Sir Gilbert Clayton and Saudi artilleryman, Jedda c 1925.

Courtesy: Soraya Antonius


Sir Gilbert Clayton and George Antonius (in white suit) with King Abdul Aziz ibn Saud (centre), Jedda c 1925.

Courtesy: Soraya Antonius

Troops lining the street leading to the palace, on the occasion of Sir Gilbert Clayton's first formal call on the Iman. The Bab al-Shaqadif is in the distance.

Courtesy: RSAA

The crowd following the Mission into the Bir al-Azab district of Sana'a

Courtesy: RSAA

The guest house overlooking Maidan al-Shararah (Tahrir Square) which is now the Military Museum. In the foreground are two members of the Mission's permanent guard

Courtesy: RSAA

The south-western wall of the old city. The Iman, escorted by units of his army, returning from Friday prayers at the Great Mosque cemetery in the foreground

Courtesy: RSAA

The Imam (in carriage) approaching the Bab al-Saba gate after visiting the theological college on the north-western side of Maidan al-Shararah. His palace is on the left of the domed Mutawakkilite mosque. Picture take with a tele-lens from the Guest House

Courtesy: RSAA

Michael Jacomb in diplomatic uniform, Ambassador Hermann Eilts (then US Consul in Aden) and Mrs Eilts on his right, attending celebrations in Ta'izz marking the anniversary of Imam Ahmad's succession

Courtesy: John Hewitt