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The life and work of Paul Bowles


Biographical information 

Paul Bowles: a biographical essay  
by Allen Hibbard

Jane Bowles: a short biography  
by Millicent Dillon

Paul Bowles 

Paul and Jane Bowles: photographs

New York Times
; BBCThe Guardian; New Music box

Research resources

Paul Bowles, 1910-1999  
An online exhibition (University of Delaware Library).

Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center  
Musical and literary manuscripts.

University of Texas 
Bowles papers, manuscripts, letters, photographs and other documents.

Bowles websites

The authorised Paul Bowles website. Includes biographical essays, catalogues of his literary and musical works, and photographs by friends and colleagues. The site was started by the estate of Paul Bowles after his death in 1999.

Distant Episode 
A multi-media tribute to Bowles

Gotze Kalsbeek's Bowles site 

The Beat Generation

The Beats in Tangier

When Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac were creating the Beat sensation in the 1950s, their friend and mentor William S. Burroughs was halfway across the world in Tangier.

Having run into legal trouble in the US, Burroughs hid in Tangier after reading about it in the works of Paul Bowles. Paul and Jane Bowles became his friends.

While in Morocco, Burroughs wrote much of the raw material for the Naked Lunch (which also became a film). The title was suggested by Kerouac, who travelled to Tangier with Ginsberg to visit him.

For more about the Beat Generation see litkicks.com.

The Beats order lunch
Interview in New York with Bowles and Burroughs by Craig Offman of Salon Books (1995).

Articles and interviews

Writing the Outsider's Story
Robert Couteau talks to Christopher Sawyer-Lauçanno, author of the Bowles biography, "An Invisible Spectator"

Tangier Days: Talking with Paul Bowles, 1984-1988  
by Richard F. Patteson, author of An Outside World: the Fiction of Paul Bowles (1987) 

Paul Bowles remembered
"Some people think he's God". By Ken Smith, New Music Box, December 1999

Bowles talks to Ken Smith and Frank J. Oteri, Tangier, 1 January, 1998 (New Music Box)

Tired in Tangier
Interview with Asshole Magazine, 1998

The failure of Paul Bowles
by Matthew Sharpe

A bizarre conversation with Paul Bowles

Moroccan sojourn
A visit to Bowles by Annette Solyst in 1996 

Literary Bowles

Catalogue of Paul Bowles' literary works  
by Allen Hibbard

Catalogue of Jane Bowles' literary works

French-language bibliography

In his own words ...

Fez [1984] 
by Paul Bowles 

Journey Through Morocco [1963] 
by Paul Bowles 

The Worlds of Tangier [1958] 
by Paul Bowles

How to Live on a Part-Time Island [1957] 
by Paul Bowles 

Musical Bowles

Paul Bowles, composer  
by Irene Herrmann

"I Never Liked to Raise My Voice" 
Interview on music by Phillip Ramey 

Catalogue of Paul Bowles' musical works  
by Irene Herrmann and Benjamin Folkman

Catalogue of Paul Bowles' scores 
by Irene Herrmann

Paul Bowles’ music   
Two sound clips

Paul Bowles' Moroccan music collection, 1957-1972 
Recordingsof Moroccan music (and related materials) made by Bowles for the US Library of Congress.

Bowles on video

Paul Bowles in Morocco (1970)
Bowles reflects on his life in Morocco since the 1940s in a documentary portrait which evokes many of the ominous tones that are familiar in his writings.

Paul Bowles: Complete Outsider (1993)

Other documentaries and films


In the Moroccan arts and culture section


In the Morocco section


The Bowles


The Sheltering Sky

Look and Move On
Mohammed Mrabet, Paul Bowles (translator)

Days: Tangier Journal 1987-1989


with Barry Brukoff (photographer)

Mirrors on the Maghrib: Critical Reflections on Paul and Jane Bowles and Other American Writers in Morocco
R. Kevin Lacey, Francis Poole (eds)

The Boy Who Set the Fire and Other Stories
with Mohammed Mrabet

Yesterday's Perfume: An Intimate Memoir of Paul Bowles
by Cherie Nutting   

Bowles music on CD

Black Star at the Point of Dar
(with on-line audio clips)

Baptism of Solitude





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