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Morocco: Essaouira


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Pirates' nest
Essaouira has never really become a tourist trap. The narrow streets discourage cars, making Essaouira look much as it did in the days of sea pirates. [LexicOrient]

A laid-back place 
The town where Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley liked to hang out is a perfect spot to unwind, eat great seafood and absorb the mellow scene. [Hip Guide]

Visual splendour and labyrinthine streets  
This town is the Moroccan coastal spot most popular with independent travellers, and only rarely do you see package tours here. By the looks of things, however, this won't last forever. Word is spreading about Essaouira's beautiful curving beach and other charms. [Lonely Planet]

boats.jpg (80273 bytes)

Boatbuilding: a traditional craft in Essaouira

Around the town


History of Essaouira in 30 seconds
(Encyclopedia of the Orient)

Tourism website (in French)

Tourist guide

The Medina of Essaouira 
A UNESCO world heritage site

World Music Central's guide to Essaouira 
For cultural travellers interested in the local music

What to see 
(Lonely Planet)

What to see 

With good winds for 260 days a year on average, Essaouira is an ideal base for a windsurfing holiday. The best spots are: Essaouira Bay, Sidi Kaouki, Cape Sim, Mouley Bouzertoune.

Argan: Morocco's tree of life
The argan tree is a valuable natural resource in the countryside around Essaouira

Environment and development
The Essaouira case study - 1 (UNESCO)

Freshwater resources
The Essaouira case study - 2 (UNESCO)

Sidi Mohamed ben Abdallah Museum  

welles.jpg (76325 bytes)

Orson Welles Square: scenes from Othello were filmed in Essaouira


Pictures of Essaouira

Take a guided tour (including sound effects) with essaouira-mogador.com or go directly to the following pictures:

Images from Lexicorient


Argana $
Avenue 2 Mars
Tel: 044-475975

Auberge Tangaro $$
8km south
Tel: 044-478478

du Beau Rivage $
Place Moulay el Hassan
Tel: 044-472925

Essaouira apartments
Jack's Kiosk, 1, Place Moulay Hassan.
Tel: 044-475538; fax: 044-476901
email: apartment@essaouira.com

des Iles $$$
Blvd Mohammed V
Tel: 044-472329

al-Mechouar $
Av Oqba ben Nafia
Tel: 044-472018

Hotel Palais d'Essaouira $$
5 Avenue 2 Mars
Tel: 044-472387

Des Remparts $
18 Rue Ibn Rochd
Tel: 044-472508

Residence El Mehdi $
15 Rue Sidi Abdesmith
Tel: 044-475943

Riad Al Madina $$
9 Rue Attarine
Tel: 044-475727

Ryad Mogador $$$
Route de Marrakech
Tel: 044-783555 

Sahara $
Av Oqba ben Nafia
Tel: 044-472292

Smara $
26 Rue de la Skala
Tel: 044-472334

Tafouket $$
Blvd Mohammed V
Tel: 044-472504

Tafraout $
7 Rue de Marrakech
Tel: 044-472902

du Tourisme $
Rue Mohammed ben Messaoud
Tel: 044-472075

Villa Maroc $$$
10 Rue Abdellah Ben Yacine
Tel: 044-473147; 044-472806

Villa Quieta $$$
86, Bd. Mohammed V., Quartier des Dunes
Tel.044-785004; 044-785005  

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