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27th December 2017
By: Brian Whitaker
Senior legal figures from Arab and African countries are gathering in Rabat today for the annual Middle East Law Conference. The three-day event is held under the patronage of Morocco's king. Justice ministers, public prosecutors and members of supreme courts from countries in the region are… Read more
24th December 2017
By: Brian Whitaker
A British organisation linked to the Trump-Russia affair is working with Saudi partners and the Moroccan justice ministry to hold a law conference in Rabat this week. Besides helping to host and publicise the event, the London Centre of International Law and Practice (LCILP) will be providing at… Read more
19th May 2016
By: Brian Whitaker
A month after the US State Department published its annual country-by-country report on human rights, the Moroccan government has suddenly erupted in fury over the section about Morocco. On Tuesday, the interior ministry denounced the report as a list of "inventions" and "lies" and accused the US… Read more
8th July 2015
By: Brian Whitaker
Five young males – one of them a minor – are reported to have been arrested by Moroccan tourism police for fast-breaking during Ramadan. According to Morocco World News they bought orange juice from a stall in Jamaa el Fna, the large square in Marrakesh. Article 222 of the Moroccan penal code says… Read more
11th December 2014
By: Brian Whitaker
For several weeks now, a Twitter account known as Le Makhzen or @chris_coleman24 has been posting what appear to be leaks from the Moroccan foreign ministry’s email traffic. This has mostly gone unnoticed outside Morocco, perhaps because the leaks have so far revealed little that was not already… Read more
20th August 2014
By: Alex Russell
In the article below, Alex Russell looks at renewed debate in Morocco about one of the country's most important (but illicit) agricultural products. The article was first published by Muftah, a website which aims to cover issues and views that are under-represented in mainstream media.… Read more
4th August 2014
By: Brian Whitaker
  The power to grant a pardon can be a useful element in any country's legal system. It allows a measure of discretion in cases where the law is believed to have treated someone unfairly. But debates about the principle stretch back centuries – certainly to the time of Plato – and in 1776 Thomas… Read more
23rd July 2014
By: Brian Whitaker
International human rights law has often been characterised as a product of colonialism and cultural imperialism. In the words of Makau Mutua, a Kenya-born professor of law: “The west was able to impose its philosophy of human rights on the rest of the world because it dominated the United Nations… Read more
12th June 2013
By: Brian Whitaker
This photo, posted on Twitter, is said to show King Mohammed with a young Moroccan immigrant in Paris In 2011, amid fears that the Arab Spring could spread to Morocco, King Mohammed VI announced a programme of reforms and ushered in a new constitution that appeared, on the surface, to give more… Read more
14th March 2012
By: Brian Whitaker
A 16-year-old Moroccan girl from Larache killed herself on Saturday by swallowing rat poison after being forced to marry a man who had raped her, al-Massae newspaper reports (in Arabic). The girl, referred to as "Amina F", was 15 at the time she was raped by a man more than 10 years her elder.… Read more