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11th June 2020
With no new cases reported during the last seven days, Tunisia looks like becoming the first Arab country to emerge from the coronavirus pandemic. This is good news for the tourism industry, raising hopes that European holidaymakers will soon be flocking once again to its beaches. By global… Read more
23rd May 2020
Yesterday Tunisia's health ministry announced the results of 1,320 Covid-19 tests. Only six were positive and of those, only two were new cases. The other four were re-tests of people previously diagnosed with the virus. “Our country has succeeded in confronting the COVID-19 pandemic,” prime… Read more
12th May 2020
Yesterday, for the first time since March 8, Tunisia reported no new cases of Covid-19. This is just one of several hopeful signs that the virus is receding. Official figures show the recovery rate is now higher than the infection rate, and the number of currently-active cases has more than… Read more
19th July 2014
By: Brian Whitaker
With a new constitution in place, Tunisia is preparing for parliamentary and presidential elections later this year. In the article below, Karina Piser looks at the state of the country's political parties – and finds them lacking in credible political platforms. The article was… Read more
3rd November 2013
By: Brian Whitaker
Twelve hours of talks in Tunisia on Saturday failed to deliver the promised announcement of a new prime minister. The negotiations, which are part of a roadmap aimed at resolving the country's political crisis, will now be extended until Monday, according to Tunisia Live. Under the roadmap,… Read more
6th October 2013
By: Brian Whitaker
Tunisian leaders yesterday agreed on a road map aimed at resolving the country's political crisis. The plan, which requires the Islamist-led government to hand over power to a technocratic caretaker administration, has been widely hailed as a preferable alternative to the military takeover in Egypt… Read more
18th March 2013
By: Brian Whitaker
Two people are in custody in Tunisia and six more are being sought by the authorities in connection with a rap music video entitled "Boulicia Kleb" (Police are Dogs). According to the interior ministry, the public prosecutor in Ben Arous began a criminal investigation because the video, posted on… Read more
17th December 2012
By: Brian Whitaker
It was two years ago today that Mohamed Bouazizi, an unemployed street vendor, set himself on fire in Tunisia after police confiscated his fruit-and-vegetables stall. Expressing regret at this "painful" event, a government official told the Tunisian news agency: "We are outraged by attempts to use… Read more
9th December 2012
By: Brian Whitaker
Away from the continuing drama in Egypt, Tunisia's Islamist-led government is also in trouble. In many ways the developing conflict in Tunisia is similar to that of Egypt: protests have broken out against a government which seems more interested in pursuing its religious agenda than solving the… Read more
12th December 2011
By: Brian Whitaker
The approval of a "mini-constitution" by Tunisia's newly-elected constituent assembly has been largely overlooked by western media, along with the controversy inside Tunisia about its discriminatory content. The 26-clause document, intended to pave the way for appointing a president and government… Read more