Yemen: documents

Constitutional and legal framework

Draft constitution, 2015
(Not in force; unofficial translation)

Constitution of Yemen
As amended in 2001

Proposed amendments to constitution, August 2000

Constitution of Yemen, as amended in 1994
As amended in 1994

Constitution of the Republic of Yemen, 1990

Constitution of the Yemen Arab Republic, 1970

Law No 27 (1996) Concerning General Elections

Law No 41 (1992) Concerning General Elections

Law No 66 (1991) Concerning Parties and Political Organisations

Law No 25 (1990) Concerning the Press and Publications

International relations

The Treaty of Ta'if
29 May 1934 (full text)

Saudi-Yemeni Memorandum of Understanding
26 February 1995 (full text)

Sana'a Declaration- on emerging democracies, July 1999

The Treaty of Jeddah
12 June, 2000

London conference
27 January, 2010 (final statement – full text)

UN Security Council resolution 2014
21 October 2011

UN welcomes National Dialogue
Security Council statement, 15 February 2013

Yemeni politics

Documents on Yemen and the southern issue, 2019

Document of Pledge and Accord, 1994
A document that attempted to bring reconciliation shortly before the outbreak of the north-south war

Notes on the Document of Pledge and Accord

Speech by President Saleh
25 September 2011. The first speech delivered by Saleh after his return from Saudi Arabia where he had been recovering following an assassination attempt.

Yemen transition agreement, 2011
English translation of the power transfer agreement brokered by the Gulf Cooperation Council setting out the terms under which President Saleh would leave office.

Inaugural speech by President Hadi
25 February 2012

Statement by the Yemen Socialist Party
On National Dialogue and the southern issue, 29 April 2012

Statement by the Houthis
Ten conditions for entering the National Dialogue, October 2012

Constitutional Declaration by the Houthis
6 February 2015

Yemen roadmap for peace
October 2016