Yemeni society

Assorted articles

Yemen, the tribe and the state 
by Elham M. Manea

Bara' Bravado: The Semiotics of Dancing in the Highlands of Yemen 
By Nadjwa Adra, Yemen Update No. 48 (2006)

Conversations with a Bakil Shaykh 
​Yemen Update No. 36 (1995)

The Jewish Community in 19th Century Yemen 
Yemen Update No. 35 (1994)

Aden police during colonial times
Interview with John Willis, author of "Colonial Police in Aden, 1937-1967" [Yemen Times, 4 Jan 1999]

The Keith Falconer Mission 1886-1963 
by H K Robertson (British-Yemeni Society Journal)

Book review: Indigo in the Arab World 
by Jenny Balfour-Paul (British-Yemeni Society Journal)

Housing development in Yemen 
by Kamal Haglan (Ministry of Construction, Housing and Urban Plannng)

Transforming cultural, racial and gender categories 
An ethnographic update on social relations in two northern Yemeni communities, by Delores M. Walters - Yemen Update 37 (1995: 6 -9)

Some Yemeni proverbs 
Compiled by Najla Abu-Taleb (British-Yemeni Society Journal, November 1998)

The British Council in Yemen 
by Brendan McSharry (British-Yemeni Society Journal)

Family life

Women in Ancient Yemen
by David Warburton - Yemen Update 36 (1995: 23, 33)

Marriage conventions in Taiz - Yemen Times

Role of the mukathiya at weddings
The mukathiya or shari'a is a woman assigned - in traditional weddings - to beautify the bride and advise her on certain health and sexual matters. She also advises the bride not to let her husband touch her until he gives her money or golden ornaments. The mukathiya has no other work and so she takes this opportunity to sell combs, rings and other ornaments to women attending the ceremony. [Yemen Times, 8 Feb 1999]

The Tears of Sheba: Tales of Survival and Intrigue in Arabia
By Khadija al-Salami, with Charles Hoots. Reviewed by Lucine Taminian, 44-45 Yemen Update No. 47 (2005)


Hadhrami migration in the 19th and 20th centuries
by Ulrike Freitag (British-Yemeni Society Journal, December 1999)

Book review: From Ta'izz to Tyneside
An Arab community in the north-east of England during the early twentieth century. By Richard I. Lawless (British-Yemeni Society Journal)

Hadramis in Singapore
by Ameen Ali Talib (British-Yemeni Society Journal)

The Arabs in Southeast Asia
by Omar Farouk Shaeik Ahmad - Yemen Update 33 (1993: 42-43)

Hadrami emigration, 1750-1967
report on a SOAS workshop, by Linda Boxberger - Yemen Update 37 (1995: 27)

Jewish Emigration from the Yemen 1951-1998: Carpet Wthout Magic
By Reuben Ahroni. Reviewed by Thomas B. Stevenson, 40-42. Yemen Update No. 46 (2004)

SOAS Workshop on Hadrami Emigration 
​Yemen Update No. 37 (1995)

Halliday's Arabs in Exile: Yemeni Migrants in Urban Britain 
Yemen Update No. 34 (1993)

From the roof of Arabia to the coal cellar
by Patricia Aithie (British-Yemeni Society Journal)

The Arabs in Southeast Asia 
Yemen Update No. 33 (1993)


Sheikh Abdulla Ali al-Hakimi: religious leader and political reformer
by Dick Lawless (British-Yemeni Society Journal)

A clash of fundamentalisms
Wahhabism in Yemen, by Shelagh Weir (Middle East Report, July-September 1997)

The underground friends of God and their adversaries
A case study and survey of Sufism in contemporary Yemen
by David Buchman - Yemen Update 39 (1997: 21 -24)

A Zaydi revival?
by Bernard Haykel - Yemen Update 36 (1995: 20 -21)

Conversations with a religious shaykh
Yemen Times - Yemen Update 36 (1995: 7, 11)

Christian-Muslim Relations
by Bishop John Brown (British-Yemeni Society Journal, December 1999)

Reflections on Yemen, Islam and Violence
by Muhammad al-Masyabi (British-Yemeni Society Journal, December 1999)

The Underground Friends of God and Their Adversaries 
A case study and survey of Sufism in contemporary Yemen. Yemen Update No. 39 (1997)

Conversations with a Religious Shaykh 
Yemen Update No. 36 (1995)


A medical perspective on the Yemen
by Dr Iain Murray-Lyon  (British-Yemeni Society Journal)

Contraception in Yemen
by Dr Najeebah Ba-Hubaish, National Program Officer, UNFPA (Yemen Times, 18.1.99)

The Ras Morbat Clinic, Aden
by Dr Harry K Robertson  (British-Yemeni Society Journal)

Marie Stopes International in Yemen
by Jane Diamond (British-Yemeni Society Journal, November 1998)

Infant and child mortality in Yemen
by Ahmed al-Barakani and Ahmed Abd al-Rub
(Yemen Times, 4.1.99)

Medical and pharmaceutical products in Yemen
(Yemen Times, 25.1.99)

Introduction to ethnomedicine: examples from Yemen
by Beth Kangas - Yemen Update 35 (1994: 22-27)

Murshidat, midwives and nurses: women transforming health care and social relations in Yemen
by Delores M. Walters - Yemen Update 40 (1998: 32)

Progressive Change in Yemen's Medical Education 
A Tour of the University of Science and Technology, Sana'a, by Rashid Abdu MD. Yemen Update No. 46 (2004)

Pioneers or Pawns? Women Health Workers and the Politics of Development in Yemen 
By Marina de Regt. Reviewed by Delores M. Walters, 43-48. Yemen Update No. 46 (2004)


Sana'a International School

Education as a strategic deterrent in a backward society (Yemen as a case)
by Prof Mohammed al-Maitami

Civic education project in the Hadhramaut
by Fida Nasrallah  (British-Yemeni Society Journal)

Education of girls in the Yemen
by Laila Noman (British-Yemeni Society Journal)

Examination Time in Yemen 
Yemen Update No. 35 (1994)