Migrant killed on Egyptian border

Egyptian security forces shot and killed another Sudanese migrant on Saturday night as he tried to cross the border into Israel.

Adam Ali Mohamed, 38, was hit three times after reportedly ignoring a call to stop.

More than 60 migrants have died at the hands of border guards since January 2008. In March, Navi Pillay, the UN human rights chief, accused Egypt of operating a shoot-to-kill policy:

"I know of no other country where so many unarmed migrants and asylum seekers appear to have been deliberately killed in this way by government forces," she said. "It is a deplorable state of affairs, and the sheer number of victims suggests that at least some Egyptian security officials have been operating a shoot-to-kill policy ... Sixty killings can hardly be an accident." 

Posted by Brian Whitaker, 17 May 2010.