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Morocco timeline
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Western Sahara
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The Berbers of North Africa 
By Anna Jacobs

Draft constitution, 2011 
Full text (in French); English translation here

Constitution, 1996  
(English translation); alternative source

Constitution, 1996  
(official French version)

Previous constitution  
(1992 consolidated version, in English) 

International Crisis Group
Recent reports about Western Sahara

Historical and political texts relating to Morocco


US State Department 
Consular information and travel advice

British Foreign Office 
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Lonely Planet 
Information for travellers in Morocco

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Royal Air Maroc  
The national airline

Moroccan railways 
Office National des Chemins de Fer (ONCF)

Argan: the tree of life
The thorny argan tree which grows in south-western Morocco produces a valuable oil

Kif in the Rif
Story of a traveller in search of the world's best hashish [Hip Guide]

Electricity, plugs and sockets 


World Bank: Morocco 
Comprehensive economic data

Morocco and the IMF

Bank al-Maghrib 
The central bank

Summary of the programme in Morocco.

Water and agriculture in Morocco
FAO country profile

Morocco: further reading

Lonely Planet Morocco
by Paul Clammer and James Bainbridge, 2014. Available from or

The Rough Guide to Morocco
by Rough Guides, 2016. Available from or

The Caliph's House: A Year in Casablanca 
by Tahir Shah, 2006. Available from or

The Food of Morocco 
by Paula Wolfert, 2011. Available from or

Sheltering Sky
A novel by Paul Bowles, 2014 reprint. Available from or

In Morocco 
A travel classic from the eaarly 20th century by Edith Wharton. Available from or

The Villas and Riads of Morocco
by Corinne Verner (author), Cýýcile Trýýal and Jean-Michel Ruiz (photographers), 2005. Available from or

A House in Fez: Building a Life in the Ancient Heart of Morocco 
by Suzanna Clarke, 2008. Available from or

For Bread Alone 
A novel by Mohamed Choukri, 2007. Available from or

Salvation Army 
An autobiographical novel by Abdellah Taïa, 2009. Available from or

A Traveller's History of North Africa
Barnaby Rogerson, 2000. Available from or

Morocco since 1830: A History 
by C. R. Pennell, 2001. Available from or

Morocco: The Islamist Awakening and Other Challenges 
by Marvine Howe, 2005. Available from or

Rome in Africa 
by Susan Raven, 1993. Available from or

The Berbers 
by Michael Brett, 1997. Available from or

The Ancient Mediterranean 
by Michael Grant, 1988. Available from or

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