Gaddafi versus Kleenex

Almanara, the Libyan opposition website whose disappearance I reported yesterday, is now back on line and saying that it was attacked by Gaddafi's security people. Al-Jazeera has a storyabout it (in Arabic).

Besides declaring his support for the ousted Tunisian president, Gaddafi has also been ranting against the internet and WikiLeaks, which he apparently blames for Ben Ali's downfall. I am indebted to Global Voices for this translation of a passage from the Leader's weekend speech. In case you're wondering, "Kleenex" is the name he has given to WikiLeaks:

Even you, my Tunisian brothers. You may be reading this Kleenex and empty talk on the Internet.

This Internet, which any demented person, any drunk can get drunk and write in, do you believe it? The Internet is like a vacuum cleaner, it can suck anything. Any useless person; any liar; any drunkard; anyone under the influence; anyone high on drugs; can talk on the Internet, and you read what he writes and you believe it. This is talk which is for free. Shall we become the victims of "Facebook" and "Kleenex" and "YouTube"! Shall we become victims to tools they created so that they can laugh at our moods?

Posted by Brian Whitaker, 18 Jan 2011.