'Obscene party' raided in Saudi Arabia


Details are scarce, but the story sounds familiar. Sabq websitereports (in Arabic) that Saudi Arabia's religious police raided an "obscene" party in Riyadh early on Thursday. Shots are said to have been fired, though no one was injured.

About 60 youths were attending the party. Some were arrested and "handed over to the competent authorities" while others escaped.

The report says the partygoers were in possession of cosmetics and their own women's clothing – implying that this was a gay party. 

In a similar incident in 2009, when more than 70 men were arrested at a party in Riyadh, "disgraceful" women's clothes and cosmetics were also found.

Two other raids on all-male parties were reported in 2008 – again involving make-up and women's clothing.

Posted by Brian Whitaker, 18 November 2011