Bahrain: shot man "died from a cut"

Following the shooting of citizen journalist Ahmed Ismael Hassan in Bahrain, which I reported here at the weekend, the EAWorldView blog describes how the victim's family have been harassed by the authorities (scroll down to 1812 GMT).

An EA correspondent recently visited Ahmed's family and was told of the harassment they have received by the Ministry of Interior. Our correspondent described the treatment of the family by officers of the CID at the hospital as "sick":

They [CID] refused to allow the family to see him. After he died they came out from the room holding a camera, filming the family while they were mourning him. One of the CIDs even told his uncle that [Ahmed's death was] "the results of vandalism!"

Subsequently, the Ministry of Interior has allegedly been harassing the family to sign a death certificate which only lists the cause of death as a deep cut. The family are refusing to sign the death certificate until it clearly states that Ahmed died from a gunshot wound which ruptured his femoral artery. As a consequence, the Ministry of Interior is refusing to release the body for Ahmed's burial.

Our correspondent was also able to dispel rumours, which had been circulating on social media, that Ahmed's sister was fired from her job after giving an interview to al-Alam television.

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Posted by Brian Whitaker, 4 April 2012.