Covid-19 update: new infections in Middle East continue to fall

New Covid-19 cases in the Middle East and North Africa since March 1, 2020. Seven-day rolling average, day by day.

Covid-19 infections recorded in the Middle East and North Africa have seen a further drop during the past week, with a daily average of 14,985 new cases among the 20 countries monitored. 

New infections peaked in mid-August when the daily average topped 73,000, according to official figures. During the last three months, though, numbers have fallen every week. (See spreadsheet for further details.)

Deaths attributed to Covid-19 are showing a similar decline. The region's highest weekly death toll – 7,264 – was at the end of August but it has dropped steadily since, with 1,942 recorded during the past week. This is the lowest weekly total since June last year.

The reliability of official figures varies from country to country – some do a lot more testing than others – but the overall situation in the region is clearly improving.

A large part of this improvement is due to lower numbers from Iran which has been the worst-affected country in the Middle East since the pandemic began. It currently accounts for more than half of recorded infections in the region.

The second worst-affected country at present is Jordan. New cases there have more than doubled since the beginning of October, with a daily average of 2,264 new cases during the past week.

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