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24th June 2020
Until recently Israel and Palestine seemed to have brought their coronavirus epidemics under control but both are now seeing large numbers of new infections. Yesterday Israel reported 430 new cases – its biggest rise for two months. Palestine reported 179 – its highest number since the outbreak… Read more
22nd June 2020
The Moroccan army has set up an emergency field hospital to care for hundreds of strawberry packers who have tested positive for coronavirus over the last few days. The outbreak in Kenitra province, north of the capital, Rabat, is the biggest so far recorded in Morocco which has seen only 10,000… Read more
21st June 2020
Saudi Arabia ended its coronavirus lockdown this morning despite record numbers of new infections during the past week. Lifting the lockdown brings an end to the night curfews first imposed in March. It also means mosques can reopen and all economic activity can resume, subject to precautions.… Read more
20th June 2020
By: Brian Whitaker
Situation report: week ending 20 June 2020   REGIONAL OVERVIEW   The initial wave of Covid-19 infections has passed its peak in most countries of the Middle East and North Africa. Many of them have begun easing lockdowns and other restrictions, but in some of them… Read more
19th June 2020
From now until mid-September, Qatari citizens wishing to return home from abroad must first get permission from the government and then spend two weeks in quarantine when they arrive. It's a kind of luxurious imprisonment – at their own expense. Before boarding their flight they must book a… Read more
18th June 2020
Palestinian authorities have reported a surge of coronavirus infections. Seventy-four new cases have been confirmed since Monday, mostly in the West Bank district of Hebron. This comes after several weeks when new cases were averaging less than four a day. CLICK HERE to jump to Middle East updates… Read more
17th June 2020
By: Brian Whitaker
Amnesty International has accused Bahrain and Kuwait of running "roughshod over people's privacy" in their use of surveillance technology during the coronavirus pandemic. The human rights organisation carried out a detailed technical analysis of phone apps in seven Arab states plus France, Iceland… Read more
16th June 2020
On Sunday Egypt announced that it will be ready to receive foreign tourists again in a couple of weeks. On Monday it announced a record number of new coronavirus cases and a record number of related deaths. While many countries have waited for the Covid-19 epidemic to pass its peak before opening… Read more
15th June 2020
Regional round-upSaudi Arabia reported 4,233 new Covid-19 infections yesterday – the kingdom's highest daily total so far. Around 40% of the new cases are in the capital, Riyadh, and according to the health ministry they were found mainly "among young people… Read more
14th June 2020
Yemen's health system is "overwhelmed and collapsing" as a result of the coronavirus epidemic, the UN body that coordinates relief in emergencies and natural disasters has warned. People with symptoms are often not receiving health care in Yemen "due to a lack of resources or the inability of… Read more